Top 10 Wolf Among Us characters

Since TWD thread did the same, why not do it here. Share your thoughts and reasons as to why you like the characters you like.

  1. Bloody Mary - Badass, tough, sarcastic(in a funny way), devious, cunning, sexy, charismatic. Shit, I could go on. I fucking love this girl. She even managed to become my favorite gaming character in history! As of now at least. Hell, she is so badass, she gave the Big Bad Wolf a nightmare! If you can pull that off, then you've got my respect. I also have a big weakness for strong women. I just love women that are capable and badass and can just overall kick my ass. A little sick, sorry.

  2. Bigby Wolf - He's a badass. Not just because he's the main character, but because he proves his worth. That's all I have to say.

  3. The Woodsman - I love this dude! From the beginning, I thought he was a sack of shit. But by the end of episode 1 and later on, I felt bad for him and wanted to actually be-friend him. The thing that got to me was how he openly admitted that he's done fighting with Bigby and just wants to be at peace. At that point, I treated him with nothing but respect. Hell, he's actually pretty nice when he ain't drunk! And that tag team fight against Jersey was purely badass. I'm pretty sure Telltale didn't just specifically use HIM there for nothing!

  4. Nerissa - A sweet girl that I felt extremely bad for! It's a damn shame she had to go through things like prostitution! Whenever someone talked down on her, I'd shut them up! She's even better than Snow White, and I honestly ship her with Bigby. I don't care about canon at this point, I feel a spark between them!

  5. Jersey Devil - It's a shame we didn't see anymore of him in this game. Hopefully more in a future installment. I liked this guys character design. It looked badass to me. It actually fits what a trashy piece of shit Pawn shop owner would look like. And when his true form was revealed was even more badasserrerer. I also like the way he talks. He, along with almost all the other villains are sarcastic, funny, devious, and just so god damn mothatfuckin charismatic!

  6. The Crooked Man - A very sly evil doer, that's for sure. The thing I like about TCM was how professional he was, and how he is capable of finding his way out of a tough spot in anything! (except getting killed) During the trial, I just kept thinking, "Damn, this guy is smart!"

  7. Grendel - Annoyed the shit out of me like Georgie at first. But then I grew onto the guy for his loyalty. If you WEREN'T a complete piece of shit to him, he'd actually be a little ok with you. And I thought the moment when he was high was funny.

  8. Snow White - I liked her in Ep. 1, 2, 4, and 5. However, in Ep. 3, she pissed me off. She seemed like a really sweet lady in the first episode, but gradually hardened over the course of the next few episodes. I still have to admit, I have a soft spot for her.

  9. Bufkin - Another funny character, except not sarcastic. I just like how Bufkin was usually there to help. I saw no wrong in him whatsoever. He also said one of the funniest lines in the game: "What did you want me to do? Yank on his hair? I'm only 3 feet tall, there are limits here!"

  10. Georgie Porgie - I actually didn't like this guy at first. He annoyed the living hell out of me, so I beat him to a pulp. But then I replayed Ep. 2 and started to love how sarcastic and smarmy he is. Sarcastic in a way that didn't make me want to kill him. It was the funny kind. And, I hope you don't think bad of me for feeling this way, but I loved treating this dude as my punching bag. I found his reactions funny. Hehe



  • My list is pretty similar to yours, especially numbers 1 and 2 :) I also liked Bluebeard. He may be impulsive and reckless, but I believe he's trying to do the right thing. And Colin is also adorable, his lines were hilarious.

  • Mr. Wolf, My wife Bloody Mary, Grendel, Woody, Snow, Nerissa...
    Oh and Dum, I like how he dies. :D

  • Your married to Bloody Mary?, how's she as a wife unglamoured?

    Mr. Wolf, My wife Bloody Mary, Grendel, Woody, Snow, Nerissa... Oh and Dum, I like how he dies.

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    Your married to Bloody Mary?, how's she as a wife unglamoured?

  • 1. My favorite is Georgie Porgie. Since our first encounter, this British dipshit has stolen my heart because of his smartass remarks and the ability to take a punch. His accent was priceless and his voice actor did a wonderful job. :)

    2. Bigby, of course because he smokes like I do and is badass to begin with.

    3. Jersey Devil. His 70's porn star look and the douche bag attitude had me laughing the entire time I played the 3rd episode. Not to mention his design. Thought that was pretty cool. Too bad we didn't get to see more of him, though. :(

    4. Gren. He pissed me off in the 1st episode and even though I didn't rip his arm off, he was still on my bad side...until the 3rd episode. I'd love to have a drink with him, let me tell you.

    5. Bloody Mary. Enough said. This chick was a total badass and I loved interacting with her. She quickly became a favorite and would have loved to see more of her.

    6. Holly. I loved the design TTG gave her and not to mention that attitude! She was a wonderful treat and during the Crooked Man trial, she never stopped agreeing with my actions.

    7. Toad. Yeah...he was annoying me to no end but every time I came across this guy, he always had something to say to me. 'Furry prick gobshite...' Well said, Toad. Well said. :)

    8. Snow White. She may have come off as abrassive and 'bitchy' at times but I enjoyed her company and her remarks for every damn thing I DIDN'T do right.

    9. Bluebeard. Oh this guy...wanted to punch him so bad! Which is why he is my favorite! XD

    10. Nerissa. Felt bad for the kid in the 2nd episode and was glad to see her defend me during the 5th. She is a sweet girl with a heart of gold.

  • I didn't really like Blood Mary (don't kill me)

    There were times she just felt kinda recycled and bland, of course not all the time she had her bad ass, cool and sexy moments. But at least some of the other antagonists felt... real. I don't know how to describe it to me sometimes she felt like a stereotypical super villain.

    1) Bigby

    2) Nerissa

    3) Bluebeard

    4) Snow White

    5) Aunty Greenleaf

    6) Vivian

    7) Beauty

    8) Faith

    9) Holly

    10) Lawrence

  • You really love Omid, don't you? Not like I'm complaining or anything. :D

  • He has the best "sexy time" face ever. He knows when to lighten the mood. :)

    You really love Omid, don't you? Not like I'm complaining or anything.

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    1.) Bigby Wolf - He's Bigby fucking Wolf.

    2.) Georgie Porgie - I thought he was definitely the funniest character in the game, and I really felt bad for the guy in Episode 5. Plus, I like how they used his story as a basis for the club, his tattoos, ect.

    3.) Bluebeard - Dave Fennoy. That's it.

    4.) Bloody Mary - What can I say, I like the bad girl. Annie's my favorite girl in SnK (though she may or may not be "bad", necessarily).

    5.) Colin - "The house didn't blow itself down, Bigby." After his first scene in Episode 1, I was sold on Colin.

    6.) Snow White - She can be cold at times, but Snow is an all around kind person and you can tell she cares about Bigby. Boobs.

    7.) The Woodsman - At first I thought he was a bastard, but then after the talk in the Trip-Trap, I really liked him, and he and Bigby's little exchange after fighting Jersey was nice.

    8.) Grendel - Same as The Woodsman. I really started liking him in Episode 2, when Bigby and Snow went to the Trip-Trap to talk to Holly. "Go fuck on up a beanstalk, Jackie-boy."

    9.) Bufkin - Come on, who doesn't like Bufkin. "No one asked me! And I'm hungover, I'm sorry!"

    10.) Holly - I started liking Holly in Episode 2 when she started talking about Lily. The story behind her and her sister was good, and the stuff about "Troll culture", like the artifacts at the funeral, I thought that was funny.

    The End.

    Alt text

    1. Bigby Wolf
    2. Bloody Mary
    3. Nerissa
    4. Snow White
    5. Vivian
    6. Holly
    7. Beast
    8. The Woodsman
    9. Georgie Porgie
    10. Bufkin
    1. Bloody Mary
    2. Bigby
    3. Colin
    4. Snow
    5. Gren
    6. Nerissa
    7. Faith
    8. Vivian
    9. Beauty
    10. Toad
    1. Bigby
    2. Bloody Mary
    3. Woody
    4. Colin
    5. BlueBeard
    6. Snow White
    7. Jersey
    8. Beauty
    9. Dee
    10. Gren or Faith
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    1. Bigby. He's my babe, totally. I love him for everything. And for everything he's done. I love how he truly tries to earn the trust of the Fables. If you make asshole choices, it doesn't work all the time for sure, but you can see it in him. He truly wants to prove that he's changed. And I love how he protects Fabletown. Ahh, just the perfect sheriff. And also don't forget how badass he is. And hot, omg how hot he is. When he smokes, it just takes my breath away. I just love him... And he's the fucking big bad Wolf. Enough said.

    2. Faith. This girl is just so charismatic and someone you just can't help but like. How can anyone not like her, right? I loved her. And her legendary line <You're not as bad as everyone says you are.> just makes her unforgettable. She's also so cute and she just got to me. I feel really bad for her. What she had to go through... What she had to do to survive in this mundane world. It wasn't easy for her. She takes my second spot.

    3. Nerissa. This sweetie just has such a big heart and I love her for that. She's so nice and kind and I'm so happy she finally got freed from the ribbons and the Crooked man. She helped us so much throughout the investigation and I feel like she was the only one who actually believed in Bigby. Just like Faith, she went through so much. You can see the pain in her eyes. She was a Fable who went through the most. She already had to take the shitty job and always had to fear for getting her ribbon removed. Also she's seen so much shit while having that job, but had to keep quiet. And to top it all of, she lost two of the most important people in her life, the only people who cared about her and she didn't have any friends left. I'm happy that she made another friend which is Bigby. And after everything she's been through she still manages to have a smile on. So yeah, this got pretty long. I just love her.

    4. Colin. Awwwh, my buddy. Colin is our buddy throughout the whole game and always has Bigby's side. Love him. His lines crack me up and I could never manage to send him to the farm. I mean, how can anyone not like the piggy? And I love his relationship with Bigby. Yup, Collin, you're getting my forth spot.

    5. Bloody Mary. Ugh, this bitch. I hate her but love her at the same time. She's so funny and sarcastic, she seems to never have fear. And she's such a badass chick. There's just something about her that you can't hate. An awesome villain that you better not mess with. She's also very pretty and cool. I could go on and on.

    6. Bluebeard. Ugh, this guy. I can't help but love him! He's just so funny and annoying at the same time. Dave Fennoy's voice suits him better than it suited Lee. <awh, Lee... feels> And he's always everywhere since ep2. You can obviously see that he wants to protect Fabletown. He may not always do that in the best way but he would do whatever it takes. Can't get enough of him. I'm glad that we had him almost the whole game.

    7. Gren. At first I hated this guy. But then ep3. came out and I started to love him. He's so funny when he's high. Interactions Bigby had with him in ep3. were my favorite ones of him. And you can obviously see that he cares for Holly and Lilly. He just hates the shitty system Fabletown had with Crane around. And he took my side with Holly at the trial. And his form is badass, he can obviously kick some asses around. But not Bigby's for sure. Nobody can kick his ass since he's the big bad Wolf. So yeah, Gren, stay awesome.

    8. Woody. He was funny from the beginning. Beating up on Faith was wrong but when he started talking after Bigby kicked his ass, I laughed really hard. Then I loved how at the trip trap he was through fighting with Bigby and didn't fight him after then. And then I totally started to love him in ep4. He and Bigby we're like a team against Jersey and then when they smoked he was just so peaceful towards Bigby. They were like buds. Best buds from the old times. That smoke scene with him was my favorite one of him. Love him.

    9. Vivian. Awhh, she's so pretty. I was so sad in ep5 when she died. I felt terribly bad for her. Her voice is beautiful and there's just something about her I really like. But her story is sad. I mean those ribbons are scary shit. And I don't think she was bad in any way. It was just the Crooked man who would most probably kill you unless you follow his orders. Same with Georgie. So yup, love you, Vivian.

    10. Bufkin. This monkey/bird is the coolest thing in this game. He IS hilarious. I love how he drinks every damn bottle he gets his hands on. His lines crack me up. I love his interactions with Bigby. And he is always there to help. The Business Office wouldn't be the same without him. He's needed there to brighten up the mood which he always does. LOVE him.

    So yeah, I pretty much love all the characters in this list which I said hundred times already for every single one of them. I put them all in order, so the first one is my favorite from the favorites and so on. These are all amazing characters who made this game so awesome and perfect. But again this is just my opinion. They might not me so amazing for some of you. Sorry for mistakes.

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    1. Bloody Mary- Sexy and Badass and funny in a sarcastic way. I hope shes still alive and returns in a possible season 2. I wish she was real i love crazy chicks. I also loved how she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty and her hair I love her hair lol.

    2. Bigby Wolf-Funny, smart, and a good detective and and an all around badass who easily became one of my favorite characters and one if not my favorite protagonist in video game history.

    3. Colin- Now this guy this guy was awesome. He is funny and actually seemed pretty smart and wasn't afraid to call bigby out on things and he is like Bigbys best friend I love colin.

    4. Nerissa/Faith- Now I put these two together because I think the Nerissa we knew and faith were the same person. Anyways I loved Nerissa she was a sweet girl who was pretty much forced into prostitution and I felt bad for her. She wasn't afraid to stand up for herself and helped us at the end when we needed it most. I hope maybe in season 2 she and bigby get together(I know he isn't with her in the comics but who says they can't have a short romance)

    5. The Woodsman- yes yes I know he started off as an ass when we first met him but as the story went on he really grew on me and i actually wanted to become friends with him. He is another badass character and someone I hope we see more of again in the future.

    6. Gren- Another character I couldn't stand at first but he started to grow on me and his drunk scene in episode 3 made me like him. I like how he isn't afraid to speak his mind and seems like he was willing to do anything to protect holly(hey I ship them lol). I also like how he and bigby kind of became maybe not friends but okay with each other. I also loved how he had my back for the most part at the trial.

    7. Holly- pretty much the same thing I said for Gren. She was another great character and i felt bad for her when she found out her sister died. I like how she also defended bigby and snow at the trial and even says that she knows we are looking out for them.

      8.Snow White- Yeah she could be cold sometimes, but she was kind and an all around good person too and anyone bigby likes I like and you can tell she has feelings for bigby. I did hate how she would always get mad at my bigby but I think that was mostly stress of the situation.

      9.Bluebeard- yes he was kind of an ass but he was funny and seemingly willing to do whatever it took to protect fable town. Episode 5 is the episode that made me kind of like him because he also defended bigby and snow at the trial and the look on his face if you bring the crooked man back dead was priceless.

      10.Bufkin- I liked him simply because he was a monkey lol. He was annoying at times but seemed like a genuinely good gu....monkey thing. He was funny as hell and i love how he interacted with bigby and he helped brighten the mood when things were serious.

    Honorable mention: Georgie Porgie

    Anyways there's my list it was harder than I thought because this game has so many great characters it was hard to choose they all had qualities I liked about them. I hope there will be a season 2 and we get to see them all again.

  • tiny tim, johann, hans, gwen, grimble, prince lawrence, detective brannigan, colin, flycatcher and swineheart.

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    1. Bigby Wolf - He's Bigby...What else needs to be said

    2. Holly - Oh man Holly is just great! I didn't exactly enjoy Holly until episode 2 came out but just how much she cared about her sister was just really touching. Also she has the best lines. "What fucking bullshit"

    3. Colin - he's the kind of guy...Uh Pig I could go drinking with but I rather not see him lap up his drink shudders

    4. Bloody Mary - What a fucking bitch...In a good way

    5. Woody - Woody is fucking great. I've never seen him as a threat just a guy who can drink way to fucking much. When your not shit faced your a pretty neat dude.

    6. Snow - Not afraid to take shit from anybody and that's why I like her.

    7. Bufkin - He's just the perfect little buddy. Just don't show him your booze.

    8. Toad - He's like your friend but only if you pay him and not send him to the farm.

    9. Nerissa - Oh man I just feel for her little monolouge in Cry Wolf.

    10. Aunty Greenleaf - She lost her daughter (grand daughter?) and that just sucks man.

    That's my list. It's 3:30 am so excuse some of the shit I said. passes out

    1. Bigby
    2. Woody
    3. Georgie
    4. Nerissa
    5. Jersey
    6. Bloody Mary
    7. Grendel
    8. Crooked Man
    9. Bluebeard
    10. Holly
    1. Bigby
    2. Jersey
    3. Holly
    4. Gren
    5. Crooked Man
    6. Nerissa
    7. Toad
    8. Georgie
    9. Woody
    10. Jack
    1. Bigby
    2. The Woodsman
    3. Nerissa
    4. Bluebeard
    5. Snow White - I don't know....but for me is like Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite.
    6. Toad
    7. Bloody Mary
    8. Georgie
    9. Colin
    10. Bufkin
  • Bigby
    It's kinda hard for me to put my next most loved characters in order so here are 8 more characters I really liked:
    Lawrence, Nerissa, Colin, Bufkin, Beauty (& Beast), Gren

  • I just loved Nerissa in this series, the plot twist at the end was AMAZING omg. I hope it was Nerissa atleast

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    My top 10:

    1. Bigby Wolf - As the main character i got to shape his personality and make him the way i want to so of cause he will be my #1 like Lee Everett was in The Walking Dead.

    2. The Woodsman - Loved the friendship/rivalry relationship between him and Bigby.

    3. Colin - In my play-though he was pretty much Bigby's best friend and i liked the conversations and back and forth wisecracking between him and Bigby.

    4. Mr Toad - Possible the funniest character in the game as i got the most laughs from his conversations with Bigby.

    5. Grendel - Similar to The Woodsman liked the rivalry between him and Bigby and of all the people Bigby beat up in the game i sympathize with him the most.

    6. Nerrisa - 2nd hottest woman in the game and most likable. Giving the choice i would most likely pick her over Snow.

    7. The Crooked Man - Great villain. At the office of that factory in episode 5 when i was talking to him i was going to just kill him. I pick all the aggressive dialog options and at the end i said no i was going to kill him. i knocked the gun out of his hand and then he talked me down in to bringing him in alive and i did. I don't think i have ever been persuaded or manipulated by a fictional character like that before and that just shows of how well of a writing character he is. Well done to TellTale.

    8. Magic Mirror - Like his rhymes and is a very helpful and likable character.

    9. Bufkin - Another helpful and likable character

    10. Faith - Hottest girl in the game and 2nd most likable. Probably another girl i would pick over Snow White.

  • 1.Bigby Wolf

    2.Bloody Mary



    5.Crooked Man



    8.Snow White

    9.Georgie Porgie

    10.Auntie Greenleaf

  • lol, You put Colin twice.

    SartyBG posted: »

    1.Bigby Wolf 2.Bloody Mary 3.Nerissa 4.Collin 5.Crooked Man 6.Toad 7.Collin 8.Snow White 9.Georgie Porgie 10.Auntie Greenleaf

  • Hahhaha didnt pay attention xD i'll add Bufkin in there for good measure xd

    lol, You put Colin twice.

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    1. Bigby Wolf- - I actually wouldn't say he's my favourite, but he's Bigby so he has to go in the top spot. xD

    2. Narissa - Well... The Narissa we thought was Narissa. She was very sweet and although she couldn't speak because of the spell, she did everything she could to help the investigation.

    3. Faith - From the very beginning I liked her. She was sweet and knew what she wanted. Very similar to Narissa in personality hence why not much separates them. ;)

    4. Gren - Like everyone else, I wasn't a fan of him at first but to be fair, he did have a valid point about how things were done and I just couldn't rip his arm off. I'm really glad I made that decision because although he lives either way, the more we saw him, the more he grew on me. He's not afraid to speak his mind and he remains fiercely loyal to Holly which is always someone you want on your side. Plus no one can deny that bar seen wasn't hilarious. "Grendel won't remember this" xD

    5. Woody - He's honestly not far behind Gren. Him and Gren are kinda like an old married couple. They fight and argue but you can't have one without the other. xD Like Gren I hated him when we first came across him, but we met him so early on I knew he couldn't be the killer. He was also put in a scenario that would never paint him in a good light - drunk & aggressive with a beaten girl in his apartment. However as time went on, I became more sympathetic to him and learnt he's actually a pretty nice guy when he's not drunk.

    **6. Lawrence. **- Anyone remember him? I saved him in my save and was disappointed we saw him very little after that (especially as it appeared if saved he'd have a much bigger role in the 2nd episode) but it was really nice to see him and be able to talk to him at the back of the funeral and in the final episode with everyone else. He was a sweet guy. Just depressed after loosing Faith. I would have liked to have seen more of him. He probably would have been higher up if he'd had more screen time.

    7. Snow White - I rather liked her to begin with but as time went on, she took a few knocks down. All in all she's a good person but should maybe think a bit more about Bigby and his feelings before snapping at him. It's not like he wanted to go full transformation and attack everyone but when he's being shot at, he has to fight back. That being said, she has good intentions and a good heart and Bigby likes her so...

    8.Holly - Like Gren and Woody, she takes a while to grow on you but once you realize what she's been through, things make more sense and you get a better understanding of why she's the way she is.

    9. Auntie Greenleaf - I dislike how she lied to us though I could tell she was lying from the get go. However, with a bit of persuading and the fact I let her keep her tree and offered her a job, she grew on me. At the end of the day she was just trying to make a living and I believed her about the tree. I liked seeing her with the rest of the group in the finale.

    10. Bluebeard - Certain words he said just reminded me of Lee Everett and TWD feels came flooding back. That is purely the only reason he is here. xD

    Honourable mentions: Tiny Tim & Toad Jr.

    1. Bigby
    2. Snow
    3. Faith
    4. Narissa
    5. Woody
    6. Beauty
    7. Holly
    8. Bufkin
    9. Gren
    10. Auntie Greenleaf
    1. Nerissa - This character takes top spot because I developed I slight crush on her upon meeting her in the dressing room of the Puddin and Pie. I'm being modest to ignore her actual seeing her pole dance for Georgie. This character was the catalyst for the whole collapse of the Crooked Man's empire. Even though, ensnared by her Ribbon's magic, she pointed BIgby in the direction that needed to be followed. Courageous, caring, cute and tough to boot. My hat off to you Nerissa. (I still believe she was glamoured as Faith in the beginning of the game).
    2. Bigby - The main lead. The badass Bigby. The Fable equivalent to Dirty Harry (if players choose it). Knows the rules and when it's ok to break them. Plus his actions speak loudly as his words. Worthy to have the title he has. I put my trust in Bigby Wolf.
    3. Snow- This woman has definitely earned my respect. Despite being a stickler to the rules, I treated her with loyalty, honesty and honor. She's pretty, smart, plus doesn't flinch in the face of danger, and eager to prove herself worthy. We need more women like her. With desire to believe they can change things for the good of all, I say give them the chance.
    4. **Faith **- Gentleman as I am, I helped this character out in any way possible. Her profession is questionable, but what can I say, I have a soft spot for the ladies. Despite the short time that I met this character, she was a good, sweet person. Plus, glad I did what I could. And her murder was partially the driving force to find who was responsible.
    5. Toad Jr - Sweet and cute child. Very honest and innocent, and was helpful at times. Melissa Hutchison gives another role my praise.
    6. Beauty - Yes I know, a majority of my fav characters are women, but a majority of them are interesting. Polite, gentle and calm. I always respect good women. Plus Melissa Hutchison. Yay.
    7. Beast - Loves his wife very much, and good to know he stands for his principles. But his devotion to Beauty can make him blind sometimes. Other than that, a decent fellow once you get to know him.
    8. Colin - Seems like a jerk, but once he opened up to me, I got a better understanding. Despite his jerkishness, he made somewhat good company. I did whatever I could to make sure he didn't go to the farm. For me, sometimes friendship trumps the rules.
    9. Holly - Tough troll who takes no crap from anybody, mundy or fable. Hard to reason with, but considering the hands she's been dealt with, I sympathize plus I care.
    10. Woody - Upset at him for beating on Faith, but once the series progressed, and admits he feels terrible about the things he'd done, I'd cut him some slack. Plus, after the takedown of Jersey and his final words of encouragement, he became alright in my book.
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  • 2 years since my last visit xD. You gotta wonder how topics so old get a bump

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    1-Mary A.K.A. Bloody Mary. There is a theory about Mary, that she orchestrates the whole story of the game just because she was bored. I found it really unlikely, but I understand why one would assume that. Mary is the type of character that stands out, I love how they approach every single character on the Game/Fables story, they are all just perfect, but she stands out in the story as a strong woman and a psychotic villain.

    2- Faith Allerleirauh A.K.A. Donkeyskin Girl A.K.A. Donkeyskin A.K.A. Ass' Skin. I believe the theory that Faith is still alive and disguised as Nerissa A.K.A. Little Mermaid. Regardless, Faith was to me an unknown Fable, but once I get to know her story, it made me feel like when I was a child again, reading stories from other Fables, that reminded me the magic (really, except now I was listening with a mind more open to interpretations). And she quickly became to me one of the most intriguing characters.

    3- Bigby Wolf A.K.A. Big Bad Wolf. It is usually hard for me to be fond of a protagonist, but Bigby is so badass, he will be sniffing around, discovering stuff, and kicking arses. I like him because he is big and bad and has big nose and eyes an teeth...

    4- Snow White. She brings political themes and is a strong character. She has the attitude to change Fabletown.

    5- Magic Mirror. I always wanted to ask him questions, so Telltale made a dream come true. I also have this thing for rhymes.

    6- Woodson A.K.A. Woodsman. A very funny character, love this guy! Love to fight him, would do that anytime.

    7- The Croocked Man. I like how he ingeniously try to turn the crowd against the Sheriff.

    8- Bufkin. That librarian is sick.

    9- Holly. She is a troll that owns a bar, there is nothing more to ad.

    10- Bluebeard. Interesting character.

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    1. Bigby Wolf- In my playthrough, Bigby was a complete and utter badass bastard. Getting the job done no matter what, even though some might disagree with his tactics.

    2. Snow White- While sometimes Snow kinda annoyed me, she's still a strong and interesting character. She could sometimes be a bit too quick to judge Bigby, but you can tell she truly cares about the people of FableTown and Bigby. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a slight crush on her as well, so I she had to be my second...

    3. Woody- When I first met him, I thought he'd just be a typical, one-dimensional and boring straight-cut villain, but as you began to learn more about him, you see that he's actually quite a likeable and sympathetic character.

    4. Grendal- Despite me ripping his arm off early in the game, I still liked Gren, especially as the game went on and you saw more of his personality. He was never afraid to outline his opinion and much of what he says is kinda true.

    5. Toad- He's a bit of a prick, but he's a likable one at that. And he's pretty funny.

    6. Georgie- Again kinda like Toad, except he's a lot worse. But he's also quite funny and towards the end, was kinda sympathetic and somewhat understandable.

    7. Colin- He was Bigby's best friend and even though I treated him like crap in the beginning, I warmed to his character and made sure he didn't go to the Farm.

    8. Bluebeard- Wished we'd have seen more of him, but what we did see, he was actually quite interesting.

    9. Crooked Man- A great villain. His performance throughout the trial really showed why he'd been running things and how intelligent he was.

    10. Faith- She was hot and was fairly likeable.

    Doing this list just reminded me how good the characters in this game were. They better make S2...

  • I'll do mine, because the thread just got bumped. In no order:

    1. Bigby
    2. Nerissa
    3. Colin
    4. Grendel
    5. Bloody Mary
    6. Crooked Man
    7. Bluebeard
    8. Georgie
    9. Woodsman
    10. Bufkin
    1. Bigby Wolf. He was a good sheriff that's caring but was still a badass the whole time. He's good at getting his point across without being a prude, and he thinks outside the box and could usually make connections before I could.
    2. Colin. He tells it like it is, and I'm very glad I talked to him so early in the game. I was set on being as big and bad as possible but he let me know quickly that the attitude wouldn't get me anywhere.
    3. Woody. He's just a drunk idiot that means no harm. He's loyal and has lots of potential if people would just stop treating him like nothing. He's the kind of guy girls leave for jerks because he was too nice (or always drunk).
    4. Vivian. She may be a prostitute or take part in running the prostitution, but she manages to stay classy and professional the whole time. She's caring too, and it's a shame that care cost her life.
    5. TJ. He's the one kid that remains hopeful the whole time, and is willing to give everything a chance no matter how much bad he has heard. His goodbye gift to Snow was very meaningful too, so he is a good listener.
    6. Snow. She's actually higher up on the list but whatever. She's perfectly fine taking the reins if you let her, and her kindness can heal the most heartbroken. She's beautiful too, and I kinda feel bad that it's both Crane AND Bigby that want more than just a work relationship. She shows mercy to those who have done nothing but hurt her, and in a place like Fabletown that is hard to find.7. Nerissa. She is hawt. And dedicated to help, but mostly hawt. Thank you Telltale.
    7. Bloody Mary. Like the Joker, you can't bring yourself to hate this psychopath. I'm surprised that she's so loyal to the crooked man when she can do anything she wants, even slaughter the entire town (including Bigby, if she had tried the first time we encountered her).
    8. The Mirror. He has a surprising amount of personality in the series, and gives credit to those who deserve it while making funny, snide remarks to those who don't.
    9. Georgie. Let's just say I did not sleep well after killing him...

    Anyone wanna hear my least favorite characters??? Too bad.

    1. Bigby Wolf. He's unnecessarily mean and just a bad person altogether. He uses his job as an excuse for his actions and I hope I never encounter a sheriff or policeman like that.
    2. Beast. He's a hypocritical worry-wart that doesn't hear anything but what's in his own head.
    3. Toad. No matter how much you try to help the guy he only appreciates it if you let him walk all over you.
    4. Aunty Greenleaf. Like why couldn't she come to us with her new and cheaper method of making Glamour? If there's anything I learned from this game it's that everything goes more smoothly if you just say what you think or know. Oh and her disguise was bad too.
    5. Icabod Crane. This all goes without saying.
    6. Holly. Why does she insist on keeping things from the authorities? Or on just being mad at the world? Just because bad things happen doesn't mean no one cares.
    7. The Tweedles. They're just a headache that I seriously did not want to deal with, and shouldn't have had to. I don't think they even believe they're doing the right thing.
    8. Beauty. Spoiled brat that should have told her husband what she's doing before he found out for himself. They do not have a good relationship if they're going to lie to and enable each other.
    9. Faith. Why does everyone like her? She abandoned her husband, tried to kill the woodsman for not paying up, and is just a b***h. And she has an ugly face. I'd rather bang Mary to be honest.
    10. Whoever the butcher was. He's more whimpy than Crane, at least he's willing to go out there and do something about his problems.
    1. Bigby
    2. Snow
    3. Colin (best mate ever)
    4. Nerissa
    5. Woody
    6. Toad
    7. Holly
    8. Bufkin
    9. Auntie Greenleaf
    10. The Mirror
  • Nice list!

    1. Bigby - Because he's a badass.

    2. Faith/Nerissa - Had a crush on her from her very first scene lol. I believe the theory that Faith is alive and was impersonating Nerissa for most of the game, so naturally their personalities overlap, hence why I am putting these two together. She was intelligent, guiding Bigby as best she could given her circumstances. Her monologue in Episode 5 made me love her. She was good-natured and I had a lot of respect for her as a character.

    3. Bloody Mary - One of my favourite gaming villains. She was so fucking badass. Her dialogue was great, she was sexy and utterly psychotic. I loved her.

    4. Colin - He should have had more screen time! His caustic sense of humour was hilarious.

    5. Snow - I thought she was great at the beginning of the game, but began to feel more and more detached from her as the story progressed. Her insistence for sticking to the rules was grating, but she was kind and obviously had feelings for Bigby.

    6. Beauty - I have a lot of love for female characters lol. She was kind and cute but did get on my nerves at times.

    7. Gren - Really couldn't stand him at first but he began to grow on me after Episode 3. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind and his drunk scene was so funny.

    8. The Crooked Man - Loved to hate him. He was very professional and smart. His dialogue throughout the trial showed how sly he was.

    9. Bluebeard - Wanted to see more of his character, but I liked him. Seemed pretty shady.

    10. Bufkin - Had some funny dialogue and idk how could I not include the alcholic monkey?

  • I remember we used to have such big discussions and polls about this very topic! Too bad most of those who participated back then are gone.

    Anyway, my list is topped by Bigby and Nerissa. Too lazy to make a full one! :)

    1. Snow <3
    2. Bigby
    3. bloody Mary
    4. Narissa
    5. Faith
    6. Beast
    7. Jack
    8. Woody
    9. Toad
    1. Tj
    2. Bigby
    3. Narissa
    4. Bufkin
    5. bloody Mary
    6. Woody
    7. Colin
    8. the mirror
    9. Toad
    10. Snow

    As you can see I really like the animals in this game.

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