Poker Night 3: My Ultimate Wishlist

  1. More interactive cameos. The Player could bump in to different characters on the way to the poker table, which could be really funny and fanservice-y.
  2. More varied characters. Not that Poker Night characters aren't varied, but I think Telltale could still mix up a few things and put in a few characters no one would expect. I don't think we need anymore Sam and Max characters, though. As funny and cool as Sam is, you still get the feeling he was probably just chucked into the roster at the last minute.
  3. The ability to explore the Inventory during breaks from the poker. Speaks for itself really. You could go into all those different rooms and talk to characters and such.
  4. We finally learn more about the Player, or perhaps even (gasp) SEE him/her? I know Telltale want to keep the. Player as a blank slate, as he did first appear all the way back in 2005, I doubt they would change such a thing now.


  • This looks good, and here what I would say for these ideas

    1. I think they already done that, you do bump with the ape from Sam and max in the limo, plus there is orther characters that you would see while walking towards the table
    2. I have ideas for poker night 3 of what no one would expect,
    3. I thought of that idea too, but I don't think that would work, but I do got a idea for this
    4. the player is basically like a mind of you, because the fact that you control him to choose to bet, rase, check or fold, the player is basically a mind of the person outside the world,

    i have a idea too

    1. Make it a telltale series, in another words, you can see one of the stories that goes on at the nightclub, see what the four/five characters do there and possibly crossover to each other universes.
  • What, like when Ash tells everyone he went around with Orpheus? That would be cool! Kind of like the cutaway gags from Family Guy.

  • what about a character customisation so then (like yarheeguy said) It is you!....and also being able to maybe choose a poker name for your character sort of like you had in poke night at the inventory, but you get to choose the name!

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