PS3 version/ Moai

This is the second game I was reduced to giving up on after HOURS of work, and it was over something unbelievably ridiculous/bad programming. The first was in Chapter 1 on PC where Sybil is actually invisible and the only way to click on her is a random spot near the closet.. One of the most irritating gaming experiences of my life, finding out it's just a bug.. This one I'm now on PS3 where you have to shoot at the gong on the other island. How could I ever, ever know to shoot at a tiny speck in the distance when it doesn't highlight in the R2 selection in PS3? Did anyone actually figure this out, without hints, and without taking half a day? I am so disappointed in this, and hope it doesn't occur again as I go through the series.. though now I'm soured entirely. Anyone know if there's any more incidents like this coming up?

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