French localisation for Wallace&Gromit

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Thanks for it ! No need to wait an european version... Who did it ? It's a pretty good one !

Off the subject, but I went in San Francisco and San Rafael two weeks ago now and I really like the Bay Area... It's beautiful !


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    sorry, but the title of this thread makes me laugh.
  • David EDavid E Telltale Alumni
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    Why's that?
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    Maybe because of my poor english. Or because it's the idea of Wallace&Gromit in a french environment... To imagine Wallace&Gromit in the french countryside instead of british one ?

    I am still astonished by the quality of the translation in french. I looked in the closing credits and I haven't found who did it ? It was by someone in Telltale ?
  • WillWill Telltale Alumni
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    As far as I can tell it's all done my Microsoft's internal localization team. So all the props go to them.
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