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I played the German version first. The subtitles are OK. But some in-screen texts have apparently been "translated" by simply looking them up in a dictionary, without bothering to get their meaning. For example, "tap" on the switch in the kitchen becomes "Wasserhahn" (meaning "water tap"), which is at least somewhat confusing. And the German newspaper titles in Mrs. Gabberley's shop are completely unrelated to the English titles, which makes the word game puzzle very hard to solve.
Anyway, I enjoyed the game, and I enjoyed it even more when I replayed it in English!


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    Yeah, in Spanish we have the same problem with Tap, it was translated as "Grifo", that is water tap. I looked for the water in all the kitchen, xD.

    And the word game puzzle was really complicate too. I still don't know how I exactly did it.

    Who made the subtitles? The guys from X-Box?

    PD: I really loved the game, it was my first Telltalle purchase (and you made me buy SBCG4AP with that demonic 50%).
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    The doors' "Exit" option was translated as "Quit" in German. I'd recommend Telltale give the playable English game to the localisation team so they know where the translations are being used. It looks like they were only given a wordlist without any context.
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    yeah, the translation of some parts of the game are quite ....well not best chosen.
    ('m quite sure the original word for "beenden"[german] was "leave" but this means you have to quit the game...err door to get to another room?!?!?)
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