Monkey Island Unofficial FAQ (Please Read Before Posting)

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Monkey Island Unofficial FAQ (Last Updated November 5, 2017)

Note that all information in this FAQ is compiled by community moderators Jennifer and Vainamoinen. We check our facts thoroughly and have a lot of Telltale experience on our backs, but this is not an 'official' source, we're just volunteers!

(1) What is Tales of Monkey Island?
Tales of Monkey Island is the fifth game in the Monkey Island series, originally created by LucasArts (originally known as Lucasfilm Games). The series follows Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate, and his wife Governor Elaine Marley, as they sail the Caribbean and fight the evil undead pirate LeChuck.

(2) Were the creators of Monkey Island involved in the game?
Ron Gilbert was involved in early brainstorming sessions, as the team worked out the plot and devised some puzzles. Dave Grossman was heavily involved, as he was the director of the season. The only one of the three people who created the original two Monkey Island games who was not involved was Tim Schafer, as he was busy running his own studio, Double Fine Productions. In addition to the original creators of the series, Tales of Monkey Island was co-designed by Chuck Jordan, the co-writer of the third Monkey Island game, The Curse of Monkey Island, and was co-designed and co-written by Michael Stemmle, the co-director of the fourth Monkey Island game, Escape from Monkey Island.

(3) What is gameplay like?
This game was released before the cinematic story games such as The Walking Dead, so the gameplay doesn't consist of choices and consequences. The gameplay consists of puzzles which are mostly solved through manipulating objects and talking to characters.

(4) For which platforms is Tales of Monkey Island available?
It is available for PC and Mac, PSN on PlayStation 3, and on iOS. It was available on WiiWare for Wii, but it is no longer possible to purchase digital games on the Wii platform.

(5) How much does Tales of Monkey Island cost?
The entire season (five episodes) can be purchased for PC and Mac for $20 on Steam,, or the Telltale store. It's also $20 for PS3 at PSN. It is also available in individual episodes on iOS at $3 a piece for a total of $15. It is no longer available to purchase on WiiWare or at the Telltale store.

(6) How many episodes are there in Tales of Monkey Island?
There are five episodes. The episode titles are Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, The Siege of Spinner Cay, Lair of the Leviathan, The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood and Rise of the Pirate God.

(7) Will Tales of Monkey Island be ported to other platforms?
This is unlikely as Tales of Monkey Island is several years old now and Telltale mainly only ports their newer games to other platforms.

(8) Is there a bonus/free collector's DVD version for Tales of Monkey Island available from the Telltale store?
There was, but unfortunately the collector's DVD is now out of print.

(9) Is there a soundtrack CD available?
No soundtrack CD was ever produced for Tales of Monkey Island. Since Telltale has mostly moved on from physical merchandise, it seems unlikely that a soundtrack CD will be released in the future.

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