Just finished the first episode. *spoilers obviously*

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I must say i am simply amazed at the quality of the animation. I've played this game with my girlfriend and we had a complete blast with it.

I adored Sam and Max graphical presentation, and didn't enjoy Strong Bad's graphiqs as much, but this one...oh boy. It all looked like a lovingly made claymation effort. IMO if it is a taste of things to come then i can't even wait for more. And if TellTales Legacy of games improving as we go forward in a season goes on with this, i can't wait for the sequel! The emotion portrayed by the caracters was simply amazing.

Also, the way the humor is done, more subtle, simply made me happy all the way through.

The one part that had me laughing totally loud like i didn't in a longggg longggg time, was that part where after much effort, the colonel gives the grotein bar responsability to Gromit. Then we are here saying to ourselves finally we can have one...we click on the suitcase and then ... LOL... The expresion...the hand ... It was an AWESOME moment. For me, best gaming moment of 2009 so far!

Right now i am on Auto-Buy mode with TellTales Games. I bought the complete catalog of games from them including the Bone games recently and it's awesome value for me. Who else got the whole catalog? Who else simply was amazed with this game as we were?

Kudos to Telltale Games for being able to master different material so respectfully and masterfully.


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    Thank you! I came in late to the development of the game, but I must say that I was also impressed with the beauty of it. There is a lot of passion put into this series from the developer's side and you'd be amazed at how through they all are with their work: From every design decision down to the composition of that last frame.

    And Episode 1 is just the beginning -- just wait until you see what we are cooking for the next episodes!

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    Hi Cez thanks for the reply . I hope you love your new career and yes, i can believe how people there are through, it shows:) The games don't look and feel like stale projects like games from some other company's that i won't name that start with E and ends with A.

    I can't WAIT for next episode:)
    And .... did they tell you anything about the new sam and max games? lol
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    I loved the graphics, especially how you could see fingerprints on the characters. I thought that was cool. :D
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