An old joypad works!

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Okay, this is incredible.
After all the joypad talk, I've remembered I had an EXTREMELY old joypad made by the European "Trust" (something similar to this: , but mine is even older). I'm not talking USB here, I'm talking about GAMEPORT: you know, the good ol' analog 15-pin arcaic plug.
I plugged the thing, planning to do some oldgaming with Commander Keen and so on. Then, out of an insane raptus, I ran Wallace & Gromit.
Guess what... it worked! :eek:
Without any additional setup, the game recognized A for interaction, B as the "skip dialogues/exit closeups" button, and the Right Trigger as the "open/close inventory" button. The Left Trigger remained unrecognized, so I've quickly used Joy2Key to assign the "Q" button function to it (Hell! I needed something to cycle the hotspots! :p).

I'm not saying this is a good solution. I just wonder how it is possible that more modern cheap devices don't work, whereas such a stinky, old-fashioned, obsolete thing does.

P.S.: The controls feel more natural with a joypad, I must admit. ;)


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    I must try that
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    I'm afraid I don't even have an old-fashion gameport anymore, or I would have. You don't suppose a gameport-to-USB plug would work?
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    Harald B wrote: »
    You don't suppose a gameport-to-USB plug would work?

    Don't know, but I'll know soon enough. I had already ordered that adapter because I was looking for an original Gravis Gamepad (for emulation purposes) to plug into my notebook. As soon as the adapter arrives, I'll let you know. :cool:
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    Haha, I have one of those in a box at my parent's house. I wanna try this now, but I'd have to rip the sound card out of my old computer and put it in my new one, as it had a 15-pin port for midi.
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