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Law & Order Unofficial FAQ (Last Updated November 5, 2017)

Note that all information in this FAQ is compiled by community moderators Jennifer and Vainamoinen. We check our facts thoroughly and have a lot of Telltale experience on our backs, but this is not an 'official' source, we're just volunteers!

(1) What is Law & Order: Legacies?
Law & Order: Legacies is a game that takes place in the shared Law & Order universe, containing fan favorite characters from most of the television shows in the franchise, from the original Law & Order to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. It contains cases that take place in the present day, as well as those that take place in 1999, so some characters that have since passed away, such as Lennie Briscoe, also appear in the game.

(2) Wait, I thought Telltale announced a Law & Order: LA game. What happened to that?
When Telltale first announced that they had secured the rights to make a game based on the Law & Order franchise, they had intended to make a game based on Law & Order: LA. However, the television show was cancelled shortly after the announcement of the game, so Telltale revamped their Law & Order game to include characters from every era of the Law & Order franchise.

(3) Were the original creators involved in the game?
Telltale worked with NBC Universal to make sure the game stayed true to the greater Law & Order universe. However, unlike most of Telltale's games, the original cast did not reprise their roles for the game.

(4) What is gameplay like?
This game was released before the cinematic story games such as The Walking Dead, so the gameplay doesn't consist of choices and consequences. The gameplay mirrors the premise of the show, where police first investigate the crimes, by searching the crime scenes for evidence and interrogating witnesses, and the district attorneys then go to trial to try to get the jury to find the defendant guilty. Like the show, it is possible for the district attorneys to lose the trial, depending on how well the investigators did at the crime scene and whether the district attorney managed to convince a jury that the defendant was guilty.

(5) For which platforms was Law & Order: Legacies available?
It used to be available for digital download on PC, Mac, and iOS, but these versions are no longer available because Telltale opted to not renew their license to sell Law & Order games.

(6) Can you still purchase Law & Order: Legacies?
Only the PC version was ever released at retail. This is now out of print, and can only be purchased on the second hand market.

(7) How many episodes are there in Law & Order: Legacies?
There are seven episodes. Their titles are Revenge, Home to Roost, Killer Smart, Nobody's Child, Ear Witness, Side Effects, and Resolution.

(8) Will Law & Order: Legacies be ported to other platforms?
This is unlikely as Law & Order: Legacies is several years old now and Telltale mainly only ports their newer games to other platforms.

(9) Is there a bonus/free collector's DVD version for Law & Order: Legacies available from the Telltale store?
No, and it's unlikely there ever will be a disc release since Telltale has mostly moved on from physical merchandise.

(10) Is there a soundtrack CD available?
No soundtrack CD was ever produced for Law & Order: Legacies. Since Telltale has mostly moved on from physical merchandise, it seems unlikely that a soundtrack CD will be released in the future.

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