Telltale Texas Hold'em Unofficial FAQ (Please Read Before Posting)

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Telltale Texas Hold'em Unofficial FAQ (Last Updated November 10, 2014)

Note that all information in this FAQ is compiled by community moderators Jennifer and Vainamoinen. We check our facts thoroughly and have a lot of Telltale experience on our backs, but this is not an 'official' source, we're just volunteers!

(1) What is Telltale Texas Hold'em?
Telltale Texas Hold'em was the first game released by Telltale Games. It was originally developed as a test bed for Telltale's engine, the Telltale Tool, but the team liked it so much they decided to release it to the public. The Telltale Texas Hold'em engine was later used for Telltale's second casual poker game, Poker Night at the inventory.

(2) What characters did Telltale license for this game?
This is Telltale's first game with completely original characters in a unique universe created by Telltale. All of the characters in the game were created by Telltale, as opposed to all of their other games that used licensed characters or licensed universes.

(3) What is gameplay like?
It is a single player only game where the main purpose of the game is to enjoy conversations with game characters while you play a round of Poker. As the name suggests, the only type of poker that is available is Texas Hold'em.

(4) For which platforms is Telltale Texas Hold'em People available?
It is available for PC on Steam. It used to also be available through the Telltale store, but it is no longer available for sale there.

(5) How much does Telltale Texas Hold'em cost?
It can be purchased for PC for $3 on Steam.

(6) Will Telltale Texas Hold'em be ported to other platforms?
This is unlikely as Telltale Texas Hold'em is several years old now and Telltale mainly only ports their newer games to other platforms.

(7) Is there a bonus/free collector's DVD version for Telltale Texas Hold'em available from the Telltale store?
No, and it is unlikely there will ever be one as Telltale has mostly moved on from physical merchandise. There used to be a retail release for PC, but it is now out of print.

(8) Is there a soundtrack CD available?
There was, but it is now out of print. Since Telltale has mostly moved on from physical merchandise, it is unlikely that the soundtrack CD will be re-released.

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