The "Telltale Interns" gag credits

Can someone get me a list of the ones in The Last Resort? I exited out of the credits accidentally after hitting the Esc key, thinking that it'd pause them. Yeah, it didn't. So could anyone please tell me what they are?


  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    Special Asst to Mr Pinney - Bertrand Fegg, PhD
    Personal Trainer to Mr. Sarre - Big McLargeHuge
    Insult Fodder to Mr. Langley - Your mother
    Bee Dance Instructor - "Jivin'" James Howlett
    Claymation Thumbprint Imprinter - Regina Bletherweather
    Slide Whistle Specialist - Carrie Sphiltz
    Expense Report Padder - Oliver J. Underfarthing
    Foot Latherer - Lila Phuss-Brainard
    Gentrification Consultant - Howard Aerdayle
    Lead Quality Smuggler - R.G. Bartleby
    Warm Color Texture Analyst - Sarah Highwater-Marx
    Cool Color Texture Analyst - James Jaynes
    Mobile Foot Rest to Mr. Vanaman - Bobby Pickles
    Not Appearing as Himself - Ricardo Montalban
    Grape Seed Removal - Ariel Mariel Brown
    Stance Adjustment - Lyle Mendicant
    Craft Services at 62 West Wallaby - St. Hilga Humbledickle's Nosh
    3.5" Disk Guardian - Franco Germani
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    Holy crap, I am definitely coming to Telltale for a job soon.
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    I'll meet you there, just as soon as I'm done studying animation. Telltale or double fine would be awesome.
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    With job opportunities like "Slide Whistle Specialist", how could I not come?!
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