What kind of PC would you want to play?

Personally, I'd want to see a female PC, if only because seeing a woman fight her way to the top in as brutal a world as Westeros might add the extra "oomph" needed to entice non-fans (like myself) into participating.


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    your idea sounds good, but if not that then someone from the nights watch, their black cloaks are badass. they really could do a lot of cool things with the pc, a knight, a merchant, a traveler, faceless man, a guard, or even a commoner. man, im really hyped for this game

  • A think we need multiple ones, at least two. One in the military or basic fighting side and one in the political arena playing the game of thrones, maybe even more than that. It would be a new approach but sometimes its good to shake up playstyles

  • I would like to play as character similar to Joffrey.

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    I would like to play as character similar to Joffrey.

  • If we only have one PC, I think that playing someone in politics would be the best way to catch the spirit of the series. Clawing your way to power, assassination attempts, deciding where your loyalties lie and how far you're willing to go for your position, etc.

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    There should be at least an option to play like him if you like. The game is about choices and in order to capture the true Game of Thrones -atmosphere there should be an option to act like Joffrey.

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