"No good deed goes unpunished?"

If there was ever an adage that encapsulated an entire franchise, it's this one. There's no denying Westeros is a pretty horrible place to live, but what kind of options will Telltale grant us in how we choose to characterize our PC? Could he/she be a tragic hero, in the vein of Eddard Stark? A completely irredeemable waste of flesh, like Joffrey? Or something in between?


  • I think it's more of a "no foolish deed goes unpunished." It just so happens that "good" and "foolish" overlap pretty often where Starks are concerned. Those who pursue noble goals with more tact and finesse tend to do better.

    I'd imagine that duty and honor will probably play some role in how the PC is characterized. But Telltale might throw some curve balls in how it's done. Sometimes doing the right thing means breaking a sacred oath, as we saw with Jaime Lannister.

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    The starks wernt killed for being good, they were killed for being naive and stupid. Both Ned and Robb were told numerous times by numerous people that they were making rash choices but they ignored them . This is what would happen if this world was real not some action fest where the good guy wins because their good, people need some level of cunning to rule, one thing to win a battle, another to rule a land.

    They were honourable and remembered as such but they died for a reason

  • I would imagine/hope that things will be morally grey, but it's kind of hard to predict what type of choices there'll be without knowing anything about the story at this point.

    If it boils down to it, I'd prefer that choices be about finding the balance between what's harshly pragmatic and what's morally sound, rather than having the option to play someone as one-dimensionally evil as Joffrey.

  • Honestly, I want a Hound type character. Some irredeemable waste of human life has the ability to do the impossible... redeem himself. And you the player can decide what that redemption really is.

  • Agreed. There is also this idea that it only applies to the heroic characters which i find strange. Joffreys antics severely weaken his family and ultimately get him killed when all he needed to do to win was just not be an evil bastard. Even Tywin, who gained so much success with his pragmatism lets his hatred blind him to Tyrions usefulness and is punished for it. Its not a world in which the good guys always lose, its just one that doesn't discriminate.

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    I think it's more of a "no foolish deed goes unpunished." It just so happens that "good" and "foolish" overlap pretty often where Starks are

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