The Traitor

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A group of survivors finally found a good place to survive the winter without having problems with zombies or lack of food, but within that group there was a traitor, when it was evening, he went inside someone's tent and killed that victim before she could do something, as the group did not know anything about who the killer was, they decided to create a voting system, each survivor vote for the more suspicious, after everyone votes, the most voted survivor get executed, if that survivor was the traitor, the survivors return to have a peaceful winter, if not, the traitor would do it again.

How to play:

  • Entries are open until we have a total of 12 players registered, I'll randomly select one of the players signed to be the traitor.
  • The traitor will have to send me a message saying who he will kill, when a new day begins, I will announce who was killed.
  • After the announcement, you'll have to vote and justify someone who looks suspicious, whoever is most voted will be executed, if that survivor is the traitor, the other survivors win, if not, the traitor chooses another survivor to kill. The survivors have two days(IRL) to vote for someone, if someone does not vote twice, he will be replaced.
  • Who is dead or isn't participating may not vote.
  • Good luck! To ask any questions just comment.


  • Gustav_Kenny

  • Lehfeels

Waiting signups...


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