GoT universe

I was thinking... The telltale Got game will take place in the books universe or in the TV show universe?


  • I don't know much about either, but I'm pretty sure it will take place in the show universe since (IIRC) HBO is working with Telltale on this (or has some kind of relationship with TT).

  • they are working with hbo so my guess is that it will be canon to the tv show just like telltale work with skybound (not amc) to make twd

  • I'm guessing TV universe but I heard that the book and TV universe are highly similar so it shouldn't make a huge difference.

  • As others have said, it's probably going to be the HBO series since that is the interpretation of the franchise that Telltale signed on to work with.

    However, early interviews about the game did partially imply that, perhaps, Telltale will look into parts of the book that the TV show did not cover or only lightly touched upon.

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