What the f*#$?????

Ok, I'll only say this once, so read very carefully.

April. Fool's. was. two. months. ago.

If you choose to play with my feelings in such cruel and demented manner, rest assured I will not stop until each and everyone of you begs for sweet oblivion to descend upon your broken and battered frames.

That stated, thus leaving you NO choice but to actually deliver what you so carelessly promised...

I love you guys, I really do... oh,thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

Can I get you guys anything? Beer, chips, foot massages? Shall I sacrifice a small animal in your honor? Several small animals? Do politicians count as small animals?

Have I told you lately how much I really love you?

I'll just cry in that corner for a while, now. Wouldn't wanna go out in THIS disposition. I'm so happy I might actually help someone in need.

Oh, dear Lard...


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    Haha, I had the same reaction. I pre-ordered as soon as I saw the email. :D
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    This...has got to be a dream. :eek:
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    I got here from Ron Gilberts website, he is involved in the project. It doesn't get any better than this i suppose :)

    E3 is over for me, and Telltale won :P
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    oldbushie wrote: »
    Haha, I had the same reaction. I pre-ordered as soon as I saw the email. :D
    I preordered before I got an E-mail! I read about it on Kotaku only minutes ago.

    Everytime I think Telltale can not get any more amazing they secure another incredible franchise and pwn me. I mean... WTF? I never even thought something like this could be possible.
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    I'm a little disappointed by the character designs (ingame graphics), was hoping for something closer to MI4 - the last Lucasarts game or maybe even 2D styled graphics like MI3. That said I'm still excited as I enjoyed the Monkey Island series moreso than the original Sam&Max, the music is one thing that really stands out

    Also Telltale, please get your hands on the Grim Fandango rights :D
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