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Hey guys! Hope you're enjoying the craziness of all this Monkey Island stuff going on!

I'm seeing a lot of the same questions asked and answered multiple times, so I thought I'd draw your attention to a few pages we've put up.
  • Who is making this thing?
    Check out the team page. A lot of big names and great stories!

  • Tales of Monkey Island versus Monkey Island 1 Special Edition?
    Telltale is working on Tales of Monkey Island, an all new installment in the Monkey Island series. LucasArts is working on a special edition of the first game, The Secret of Monkey Island, bringing the 1989 classic forward to modern PCs and XBox Live. Read more about both games in our FAQ.

  • Ron Gilbert? Dave Grossman? Michael Land? Dominic Armato?
    Yep, a lot of classic names are involved! Telltale's design team is led by Dave Grossman, one of the original three guys who wrote and designed Monkey Island 1 and 2, so of course he's here! Ron Gilbert has also dropped by for some design and story brainstorming, consulting, etc. Check out all this and more on the team page.

  • Wait, what is Monkey Island? What's going on here?
    Ah, I see. You'll be wanting to check out the Monkey Island Legacy page which gives you a brief run-down on the classic happenings of the Monkey Island universe. (Any more broad questions about the Monkey Island universe can probably be answered by the Monkey Island Wiki, and the archives of the Monkey Island Scumm Bar, the World of Monkey Island, and Legend of Monkey Island.

There's this and a million more facts on the Team page, FAQ, Monkey Legacy page and Tales of Monkey Island website.
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