Thank You Telltale.

I'm generally not a fan of people on forums thanking companies, or when people write on celebrities MySpace pages and think that what they say matters. But this announcement has stirred my heart to say something:
Thank you, Telltale. Games like Sam & Max, and Monkey Island were huge parts of my child hood - once LucasArts changed directions, those hopes and dreams I had of more adventure games died. Now you came along, like Santa, and gave me what I had hoped for for a long time: great adventure games with the characters I grew up with. When I say I grew up with these characters, it is no joke. I would play these games over and over for years, and I still do (even though I'm 24, and married to a women who thinks it's funny that even though we have this fun new Wii, I still play the old "kids" games on the computer).
While I commend LucasArts for making their Special Edition remake of MI1 (and am very excited about it), my heartfelt thanks goes out to Telltale. This is the part where I start a slow clap dedicated to you, and other people join in.
Anyone else with me?


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    Even if it's not the first thread, it's the one with the most relevant title.

    So I just join in.
    Thank you Telltale.
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    Seriously, this is a truly awesome thing, the Monkey Island series of games have such amazing memories for so many of us, and it's fantastic to have it back again.

    Thanks for not only doing this, but also proving, through the success of ALL your games, that adventure games are not dead and that they are indeed profitable. I didn't think I'd see the day again when LucasArts marketing was convinced of that fact. Nice job guys, I'm truly excited.
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    I've just logged in for thanking you aswell. After my beloved Sam & Max episodes now this! Looks like Lucas Arts have changed their minds!

    Not sure if I should get this on Wii or PC yet...
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    You people just made my day. My whole week.
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    This is such amazing news. I'm giddy :)
  • I KNEW IT and always believed it!

    This is the best day ever, remember to include a rubberchicken with a pulley in the game!


    Love love love.......and a big mug o grog!

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    To be honest, i've been moaning and groaning for the last few months because i was starting to believe that telltale were going to bury the classics and focus grabbing as many more mainstream names they can get (wallace and gromit) which i can understand since they are a buisness at the end of the day but i was starting to think that sam and max season 3 was going to be axed.

    But this is... so awesome. Telltale has truely caught me off guard, i dont care if you dont make a sam and max season 3 for a whole another year this has truely made up for it. Call me greedy but now my mind is thinking of the other classics that could come, out of all the point and clicks day of the tentacle jumps to mind but like i said i'm a greedy old sod, we've truely been spoilt to see telltale not only ressurect sam and max and do a aweosme job of it but also bring back the mother of all classics.

    Telltale i salute you :)

    p.s will this be available in disc form in the shops?
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    What else can I add that hasn't already been said.

    Well alot in my opinion so here goes...

    Ive been saying for years how LucasArts was sitting on a goldmine with games such as Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Monkey Island and Sam and Max. They were so different then anything else at the time and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. And when I heard Tellwood picked up Monkey Island, I was ecstatic. Its literally a dream come true. I was so disappointed by the new Full Throttle and the fact that it was terminated that I thought none of these games would ever be picked up again.

    Now that I see that Tellwade has their hands on Monkey Island, I feel relieved I can relive my childhood fun playing Guybrush once again. Thanks Tellcake, you are seriously the man.
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    Best news ever!
    Very happy and also cant wait for the remake too!
    Pre-ordered the 5 episodes already =]
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    As i mentioned in another post:

    Telltale won E3 for me, before it even began!
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    I've actually never heard of this game up until telltale announced it. This must be that new game series that they were going to announce. It looks like I'll be having fun with this one. Thanks Telltale!
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    I'm tempted to buy a wii just so I can play this on both systems.
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    My goodness, Telltale. Just when I thought I couldn't love you guys anymore, you make this delicious announcement. Seriously, I love you guys.
    I remember playing Monkey Island when I was little. No, I didn't grow up with it like a lot of the gamers here, but I sure loved it. And now I'll love it even more, since you guys will make it.
    I just saw the announcement today, and when I logged in, at first, I thought it was a joke, and then after that, I was tempted to run outside and scream. You guys have really done it this time.
    Thank you guys!
    That said, I will now shut up. :)
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    The soundtrack for this game will be delicious.
    Hopefully they release it with the DVD
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    Man, every game Telltale made (other than Texas Hold 'em and CSI) is based on franchises or licenses I loved all my life! Bone, Sam and Max,, and now THIS!! Well, to be honest, I only liked Wallace and Gromit, but never was a huge fan, so I was less excited when it was announced, sorry.

    But now that I found out that our old friend Guybrush is back from the dead, I can safely say; TELLTALE GAMES IS MY FAVORITE VIDEOGAME COMPANY EVER!!! Double Fine is still in second.
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    Not much to add, to this and similiar threads, but...

    Mind Blown... Game Preordered... Etc...

    Thanks Telltale!!!!!
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    Yes, a big thanks from me too. I never saw this one coming and it's a very pleasant surprise. Can't wait to see the "new adventures of Guybrush"! :cool:
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    Thank you Telltale. You've made my.. decade.
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    YES ... thank you thank you thank you! ... i hope the next game will be full throttle 2 ;)
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