This is the best thing ever to happen to me.

Other than getting married and having a daughter, that is.


Monkey Island were the best games I ever played.


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    I thought the Monkey Island series had ended.

    I can't wait for these new episodes!

    THANK YOU, Telltale!
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    Also throwing out that sentiment. Monkey Island was the first game I ever played so it holds a very special place in my heart. An interesting fact to consider is that the game came out in 1990 and I'm only 22. My family still fondly recalls my 5-year old self tugging them on the sleeve to get them to read the dialogue for me. That and the hundreds of dollars spent with 1-800-STAR-WARS, hehe.
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    My sister and I used to sit there and play these games together -- pretty much all of the LucasArts retinue, including Loom (and a couple of Sierra games... ah, Gabriel Knight). We wasted many an evening on these bad boys. :D
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