Widescreen support this time?

How about 16:9 or 16:10 widescreen support? Looks like the classic remake of Secret Of Monkey Island will have Widescreen support. I hope it's the case for the Tales Of Monkey Island aswell...


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    Season two of S&M was widescreen, so I'm sure TMI will be as well.
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    It'll be widescreen. All the Tell Tale games on the Wii have all been Widescreen compatible. It's reasonable to assume ToMI will as well.
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    I hope so...
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    Everything we've done after Sam & Max Season One -- Strong Bad, Sam & Max Season Two, and Wallace & Gromit -- have supported widescreen, and Tales of Monkey Island will too. First Widescreen MI game!
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    Jake wrote: »
    First Widescreen MI game!
    So when's the first IMAX MI game coming out?

    (No, nothing's ever enough - why do you ask? :D)

    np: Tosca - My First (No Hassle (Disc 1))
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