Congratulations on the art direction!

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I just wanted to say congratulations on the art direction!

It is a very difficult thing to update a classic, as old games with their rudimentary details left much up to the imagination of the individual.

For example, I haven't bought any Sam & Max games from you, because there is something which disturbs and freaks me out about the proportions of your versions of the characters. They just feel wrong.

But this iteration of Monkey Island to me looks a lot more like the original than the (now old) official sequels. But even the characters who have changed quite a lot, like the voodoo lady, looks brilliant, imo.


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    Yeah, awesome job with the characters. Too bad for the low budget scene modelation (please, make a ship look like a ship, not like a ship model. Smooth things up!).
    But the characters really rock.
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