..and after that...

Hey...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THAT IS HAPPENING.....but i have a request, a special dream and i know you can make it real for US!

I'll buy of course this TOMI games but after that, when Gilbert will realase his Death Spank and Shafer his Brutal Legends and Lucas released Monkey2 Special Edition it's time to project THE GAME...Monkey Island (2.5) a new Adventure game not episodic, with a great story that that would take place after MI2 with of course Ron Gilbert Tim Shafer and Dave Grossman and all of you..3d or 2d as you wish but in a more realistic way....

Thank you guys...thank you so much!!


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    Realism is very overrated. I'll take non-realistic, fun, vibrant aesthetics over "realism" every time.
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    Hehe, I wanted to say that AFTER the releasing of TOMI... Just wait for now :)
    Once I've asked the guys at TTG if they would have ever made a full-length game and they answered (I'm lazy to find the post) that this ain't their policy but maybe, in exceptional cases, it could happen once.
    So, I don't know if it's ever going to happen, but I'm so glad the stars have aligned and NOW it COULD really happen: MI3 by Ron Gilbert.
    Before this day, even thinking about a single possibility would have been crazy. Now TTG has the rights! PARTY TIME!!!
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    NOW it COULD really happen: MI3 by Ron Gilbert.

    What a great thought! The curiosity of what Ron Gilbert originally envisioned has been gnawing at me for the last 10 years.
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    I really, really, would like to play his version of MI3.
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    I'm sure LucasArts will be looking at the sales of Tales and SoMI: Special Edition when thinking about commissioning new Monkey games... so buy both!
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    ohh i will!!! :)

    However id like to add to the story, that Curse of monkey island, was THE BEST game in the whole series! So no need to re-make that one! however the horrible 3D monster MI4, needs to be erased and replaced! :)
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