The Tales of Monkey Island MIDI soundtrack

One of the unfortunate side effects of this game's production being influenced by WiiWare constraints was that the soundtrack had lower production values than the previous two Monkey Island games as well as the Sam & Max games Telltale had put out previously. As far as I know, there are no live instruments employed at all.

Despite that, Michael Land's score is totally on point. The compositions are memorable, and the music is overall one of the strongest features of the game for my money. There's a Monkey Island 2 vibe going on to my ears and it's such great stuff that it makes the low budget aspect a surmountable issue.

The WiiWare's version of the music is even further synthesized than the PC version - in fact, I'm pretty sure it's literally MIDI tracks. The thing is, having played the WiiWare version of Tales, I really dig this version. It works quite well, has a certain nostalgic quality to it, and I actually think it's different enough from the PC version to justify seeking it out.

Which brings me to my reason for making the thread...I want the MIDI tracks released!


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    Not exactly what you asked for, but I'm doing some re-arragements of some particular tracks I like -and also the ones that lend themselves better for re-doing. I've started with one that's really obscure but it's one of my favorites:

    Also, if you're interested, check this guy's arragements too, he did an amazing job:

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