What a breath of fresh air !

One thing that can be said about this game is that regardless of any discontent, or imposed short comings it is a massive breath of fresh air into the gaming industry . Yes, it's a remake, but for Lucas Arts it's not another fcking Start Wars game. You people need to learn to support a good thing. Lucas Arts has lost it, any one that knows games knows that day of the tentacle, sam and max, monkey island, Dig. rebel assualt, etc , etc were the best ,most innovative and eventual years of the company ! Lucas arts has never let us down on a story before, (well MI-4 is the leading debate there)...and to be frank I found the trailer to be hiliarious ! The CG was a little off, because it was different, misunderstood and under appreciated. I will judge the game when is done, and when I HAVE PLAYED IT to get a appreciation of all of its fluid design elements . I think that would be wise . You cant judge one aspect of a game until you've experienced it . It's like saying an indoor swimming pool is freezing n winter.


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    doodo! wrote: »
    Yes, it's a remake

    "Tales of Monkey Island" and "Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition" (the remake) are two different games. Telltale is developing "Tales" while LucasArts is doing the special edition.
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    I knew this joint announcement was going to be a bit confusing for people that have been out of touch with the series for a really long time. This is also the first time a lot of Monkey Island fans are even hearing about Telltale.
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