Monkey Island Festival 2009

hey guys!!

I just did some research on concert festivals going on this year, and I have some great news for our german/european fellows:

on june 13th/14th there's going to be a "monkey island festival" on a small island near berlin!!
pretty nice to celebrate the relaunch of our beloved monkey island series!! :)
...though I can't go there unfortunately...

anyway, if you would like to join the party, you get all the information you need on their site:


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    Doesnt look like it has to do anything with the game though ... Pity ... :(
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    I stumbled through the site. I should really work on my german more.

    Seems like a lot of fun, too bad there isn't something like that here in the states.
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    I am German and peruse (not sure about the correct use of this verb) their website. I can tell you that it is just a normal music festival, that has nothing to do with the game. Unfortunately :-(
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