multiple islands per episode and island maps?

Heyho guys!

i really hope we see multiple islands per episode because as far as ive heard from interviews episode 1 is all about getting of flotsom (whatever ;) ) island. i want to explore multiple islands and run around on monkey island typical island maps :P PLEASE!


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    If you think about early chapters in the previous games, they were often only on one island. In later chapters you travelled between them.
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    "Often" nothing - always.

    SOMI: Melee Island
    LeChuck's Revenge: Scabb Island
    CMI: Plunder Island
    EMI: Melee Island again

    Heck, traveling between multiple islands at will is the exception in any chapter; the second game let you sail around the Tri-Island area at will, Curse had all four screens of Skull Island in addition to Blood, and I'm blanking on anything else.
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    Actually Act I of EMI featured two islands - Melee and Lucre. But you couldn't travel between them at will.
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    That's still my fault, because I forgot completely that Lucre Island even existed. How'd that happen?
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