Loved it!

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EDIT - duh, forgot to mention which episode I'm talking about. I'm talking about the second W&G episode.

This episode exceeded my expectations by far!
I loved the concept of those 'episode' introductions, with the stylistic titles and all that.
Also, the graphics were really (!) good! The water effects in the last bit were great, and I really like the 'dulling' effect on items close to the screen, etc.
I'm running it on the highest settings and it looks fantastic, at times it could be mistaken for rendered backgrounds (well, almost).
And so much detail, too... more than I can remember the first episode had.

The storyline was cool as well, with some funny moments. Was fun dressing the dogs up in various absurd outfits.

I've been putting it on hold for this long because of the controls (which I still don't like, never will... because of my finger condition I have to use a joystick, which is very inconvenient), but I'm glad I finally got to it.

The only criticisms I can think of at the moment is obviously the controls (but I've written enough about that elsewhere), and the difficulty.
It's quite a bit too easy... I never got stuck. But with these controls, that's in a way a good thing for me as it's such a hassle to move around, and I didn't have to do that a lot.

Anyway, excellent episode!


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    Armakuni wrote: »
    I never got stuck.

    I did get stock on getting 2 Items that had the same kind of solution I really did not get.
    talking to the police officer as Gromit
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