If it was pixeled , or all painted and drawn ...

Would people compare it to the oriignal 2 games, and Curse of monkey island more frantically ? If it looked like either of the 2 already established visual styles ? No, this does not deserve a thread. Peace.


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    You just reminded me when I was a tiny bit older than a child, I imagined MI3 all pixeled, with pixels big as basketballs. I still dunno if I'm glad it didn't happen.
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    I'd love for the game to be hand drawn. that's the best way to do games imo. it becomes much closer to art than entertainment.
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    I wouldn't want to see Curse in the same style as the first two.
    I loved Secret and LeChuck's Revenge, but they are their own style, and brilliance. Curse took another style and did it fantastically (graphically this is).
    They games should be compared for plot, characterisations, and overall feel; but compare graphics you should not, you can say which you prefer, but each is brilliant.
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    What I really miss about low-res is that the characters merged so well with the backgrounds. In CMI they merged fine, but sometimes you could see what was interactive/pickable and what was not. Dunno if you understand, but it's like old Tom & Jerry cartoons, where you could easily understand what would move and what would stand still as part of the background.
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