access to other languages version with preorder

Hello !

I'd really like to pre order monkey island, but if I do that, will I get access to the french version when it will be out ? or only english one ?

Thanks in advance !

a long time MI fan


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    Unfortunately no.
    Jake wrote: »
    It's a near certainty that the game will be localized into other languages eventually, but the release on July 7th will be English language only (though anyone in the world can buy it of course!).
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    But at least in W&G they are doing a pretty good job with the subtitles and even translated in-game-texts. I would expect the same for TOMI.

    Out of curiosity: Does anyone know if either the accounts will be updated or the season DVD will feature localisation this time or if this will be done by retail publishers again? Any decisions beeing made on this yet?
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    yeah it would be so good to have the localisation on the final dvd !

    I pre ordered it anyway :o
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