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Hey people. I'm new to Telltale, but, I've preordered Tales of Monkey Island. Is it just downloadable? I won't be sent a hard copy of the disc no? Also, the free game coupon. It said it can be used to download a new episode, but have'nt I already paid for all the episodes?

Thank you in advance :)


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    It will be downloadable, with a DVD available (after all the episodes are done) for just the cost of shipping since you bought the preorder.

    The coupon is for one single episode of any other Telltale game, i.e. Sam and Max, Wallace and Gromit, Strong Bad.
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    Excellent, thanks for that
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    you can download each episode when they are released and they send you a disk for cost of postage after all episodes are released. the coupon is for an episode of a nother series eg: sam and max
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