Polemics? no thanks.. Finally the fifth official edition of Monkey arrived

i need to externalize my appreciation for the new game.
Finally today somehow and someone can really say he has revitalize the graphic adventure market.
Yes, i know, you think that 3d graphic adventures are worse than 2d ones. Ok if you think like that, you certainly playied EOMI eheheh. Everybody give to you reason. But today 3d graphic is better than 2001 due to the fact that there are pretty good particolars.
And, moreover, we certainly can say that in a crisis period like today nobody could spend money , to do a niche product like 2d games are.
Young guys play with PS3 , WII, XBOX360 ,PC, and they don't have mention about old games. Old games had the characteristic to give you a good story, a lot of laughs etc.. today games aren't so funny, but 3d graphic is good, and people buy these games only fot that.
Finally today we have the union between funny and something graphically contemporary. it is impossible to sell somethingin 2d today.. business is business guys
what do you think about it?
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