Fanart, comment , yes yes?

Yes? Yes?


It's a reinterpretation of Eliane marley on Monkey island in front of a fire in a blanket clothing thingy.
Peace.:) She is tired and has bags under her eyes. I drew it from mind so its not perfect. Id say its more of a mi-1 and 2 elaine .


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    Ehm.. she looks kinda like an older woman there, tbh :confused:
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    there is already a fanart thread too
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    Well not to say her age, but the laddy is getting older now . Sorry I didn't post this in the fan art section, maybe it could be moved?
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    she looks too manly,'cous of the man-like cheak-bone, and she have some funky s**t going on with here eyes. And the nose should be more "petit" and not so flat.
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