Original Apocalypse Story: Life Will End

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Hey ya'll! You might know me from my writing of the Walking dead Game Season 3 Interactive Fanfic. To show some more of what I am capable of, I am going to share down in the comments and original "Zombie Apocalypse" story I created and wrote about a year ago. It is not a part of The Walking Dead, the "Zombies" Are my own creations, they go by the name of "The Infected. There are 6 chapters to the story, or you could call them "episodes", whatever you want! If you happen to like this story, please consider joining the Walking Dead Game Season 3 Interactive Fanfic. I will release one chapter a day starting right now! I will leave the summary of the story here. Be sure to tell me what you think of the story.

15 years into the apocalypse, Mick has lost everything. The only thing he has left is the people that he survives with, and that is the only thing he strives for, to keep them alive and to stay alive for his deceased wife and daughter. But as the world gets darker, it becomes harder for him to keep going, and it doesn't help that he also has an extremely dark past.


  • Chapter 1 - Hellish World

    Mick loaded six bullets into his revolver that he looted from the bandit’s body. He scratched his dark beard as he stepped out of the building, scanning for infected.

    “Psst, Vlad, I got em’ man, don’t worry.” Mick said as a man in his early thirties with dark hair and a filthy face stepped out of the corner, backpack strap slung over his shoulder.

    “Okay good, we should head back to the other soon.” Vlad replied, nervous of what could come next. “Yeah, that’s a good-“ But then Mick stopped and looked over and saw a big store. Most of the windows where broken, but he thought of looking in there anyway.

    “Whoa whoa whoa, just wait a sec.” Mick said as he walked closer to the store. He peeked through the big window and saw nothing but about three infected, and they didn’t look like the infection hadn’t spread so much on them to make them go that fast.

    “Let’s look in here first.” Mick said as Vlad gulped. “Ok, but then we HAVE to go back.” Vlad said as Mick turned to him again. “Jesus, man. Stop worrying, it’ll be fine.”

    Vlad nodded as Mick slowly opened the door. The hinges creaked but not enough for the infected to hear well. Vlad followed closely behind as Mick crouched behind the front desk, still peeking at the infected.

    “Okay Vlad, I got the two on the left, you get the one on the right.” Mick said as Vlad nodded, pulling out his hammer from his backpack quietly.

    Mick took out his knife and gripped his revolver in the right hand. When Mick was ready, he signaled for Vlad to go and then followed, running as quickly as he could. He kicked one in the abdomen and then as it bent down he stabbed it in the head as it let out it’s final, pathetic breath. He then proceeded to the second one that seemed like he had just realized what was going on. Mick hit the infected in the face with his gun as some blood flew to the side of it’s face. As it fell to the ground, Mick took his gun and bashed it skull in with the butt of his revolver, grunting with each hit he gave it. He kept doing this until its face was just a pile of disgusting brains and blood.

    When he was done, he looked at how Vlad was doing. Vlad simply bashed the thing’s head in with the back of his hammer, ripping out the sharp part from the head as the infected fell down. After that he looked at Mick as if to ask what to do next.

    “We’ll see if anything useful is here that hasn’t been looted by bandits yet, then we can go.” Mick said as he turned to the closest aisle. “Just see what you can find”. He said to Vlad as Vlad went into another aisle.

    Vlad searched through the aisle as he came upon a box that was supposed to be for different kinds of granola bars. He searched through and found it was empty. “Damn it.” He said as the tossed the box to the ground.

    Meanwhile Mick went through his aisle. He only found one box of tissues and two shot gun shells. He sighed as he put them both into his backpack and walked back out of the aisle and continued to search. About twenty minutes later the two men had found barely anything. Vlad had found a small block of old crumbled cheese. Mick had only found the box of tissues, the two shotgun shells and two bottles of water.

    “Ok, let’s get back to the others.” Vlad said as Mick agreed. But as they were walked back out the door, two other men came riding on one motorcycle.

    “Hey, Kurt, I think we could check this store.” One man said. The other man, apparently Kurt, replied “Good idea, let’s do it.”

    Mick and Vlad scrambled to the closest aisle and crouched down. Mick put his finger to his lips to signal to not make a sound. Vlad gulped as he felt the anxiety build up in him.

    “Nothin’ in this aisle.” The other man said. “Ok Mike, try to search deeper into the store, I’ll stay here and keep searching this half.” Kurt called back as he stepped into a closer aisle to the one where Mick and Vlad were hiding.

    “Ok, listen. I have an idea. I need you to hide behind the corner of the aisle Kurt is in, I’m going to reveal myself.” Mick said as Vlad nodded. Mick took a deep breath and nodded back and then Vlad went to go hid near the corner of Kurt’s aisle.

    Mick closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then stood up and walked on the opposite side of the aisle Vlad was at, and pointed his revolver at Kurt.

    “Hey, um, I don’t want to trespass but-“ Kurt’s eyes went wide as he pointed his gun at Mick. “Put down the gun!” Kurt yelled as Mick put his hand up. “Listen, I don’t want to fight-“, “I SAID PUT THE FUCKING GUN DOWN.” Kurt yelled as Mick started to hear Kurt’s partner, Mike, start to come in to see what was going on. Mick dropped his gun as he put his hands up.

    Mike came running behind Kurt as he aimed his gun at Mick too. “Whoa, Kurt, What are we going to do with h-“, Mike started but was cut off by Vlad putting his arm around his neck and choking him. This distracted Kurt for half a second as Mick took the chance and lunged for Kurt. Mike punched Kurt in the face as Kurt’s gun dropped out of his hand.

    “AGH SHIT” Kurt yelled as Vlad was wrestling Mike. Mick quickly picked up Kurt’s gun as he aimed both his revolver and his newfound gun.

    “Do you have a group?” Mick asked as Vlad held Mike at gunpoint. “Y-Yes.” Kurt said as he looked down in defeat. “How many?” Vlad asked from behind. “About 10 including us.” Kurt answered.

    All of he sudden Kurt tried to lunge and take the guns from Mick while Mick was thinking, but Mick acted fast as he dodged to the side and Kurt feel to the ground.

    Mike tried to attack too but Vlad hit him in the face with his gun. Mick picked Kurt up by his collar and shove him to the wall hard, knocking the wind out of Kurt.

    “OH SHIT!” Kurt said as Mick held a gun to his face. He was about to pull the trigger but then Vlad called from behind him. “Mick! You don’t have to kill him!” “He’s dangerous, Vlad! They’re bandits!” Mick replied. “But how do you know for sure?!?!” Vlad asked.

    All of the sudden Mick pulled the trigger and made Vlad flinch. Brains and blood slid down the wall and on the floor below, blood also covering Mick’s face.

    Mick then turned to Vlad. “Because I just do.” He simply said as he took the gun he took from Kurt and shot the unconscious Mike in the head. Vlad couldn’t believe it, but follow Mick out of the store anyway. He was very scared for Mick, the world was being very tough on him. But right now through all of the action and shock, Vlad was just happy to be getting back to the rest of the group. Mick and Vlad took the motorcycle that Kurt and Mike left behind, and rode to the building they were staying in as big group of infected overloaded the store they were just in, attracted by the gunshots. Mike and Kurt’s bodies, were quickly devoured as the store was then ruled by the dead just like the rest of the world.

    Mick and Vlad soon made it back to the group building, which was a small office building. They were greeted by Angela, Angie for short.

    “So how did the run go?” she asked, and then she looked over the two men’s shoulders. “And where did you get the sweet ride?” Vlad gulped as he was still debating if he should tell anyone what really happened or not. Mick told Angie that they had just found it in the middle of nowhere.

    When Mick, Vlad, and Angie walked into the building they saw Melanie and Zachary, the remaining members of their small group.

    When it hit the beginnings of midnight, everyone went to sleep. Before they had all gone to sleep for the night, Mick had suggested they moved, saying that he thought it was just for the best, when he really Vlad knew he was probably afraid of another encounter with the group Kurt told them about earlier.

    That night Mick had a terrible nightmare. He was reliving when the first news of the infection started, and he was packing up with his wife and daughter. He relived how he had to watch both of them be devoured as he promised his wife he would keep trying to survive no matter what it took.

    The next morning everyone woke up early to pack. They didn’t really have much stuff to pack, as their stored supplies were running pretty low. The group had decided to try and move to a closer safe haven to the city, where they hoped they could find better stuff. The only problem was that the city was probably full of infected, and that wasn’t a good thing at all.

    Vlad soon finished packing and Melanie came to his room. “Ready?” She asked.

    “Yeah, let’s go.” Vlad said as they both walked out. When they got outside of the building, Mick, Angie, and Zach were waiting for them. “Come on, let’s go guys.” Zach said as they all left the crumby building that they had been staying in.

    As the group of five walked silently, Vlad tried to start conversation with Melanie. They were both at the back of the group, watching the other three of their group member’s back’s.

    “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what did you do before the world, well, went to shit.” Vlad asked.

    “I basically just fixed computers. I was kind of a whiz.” Melanie replied. “Oh, wow, cool. I was just a simple waiter in some crappy restaurant. Nothing too interesting.” Vlad said.

    Melanie smiled. “So how’d you get so good with a gun?” She asked. “Oh, well I used to visit the shooting range from time to time. My friend thought I was pretty damn good, too.” He answered.

    Melanie smiled again. “Pretty cool.” Vlad smiled and nodded as they continued on with the rest of the group, noticing that they were falling behind a little bit.

    Mick was at the front of the group. He was sort of like the leader, he was definitely the best at surviving in the group. He always knew what to do, and the rest of the group relied on him.

    Vlad was always curious how Mick got to be such a great survivor. He always wondered if anyone else in the group was curious about it too. Vlad would ask Mick, but in the time he has known the man, Mick never liked to talk about his life before the dead started walking.

    As they continued walking, Angie spotted something in the corner of her eye. It was a huge Walmart, probably full of supplies. “Mick, there’s a Walmart over there!” Angie said to Mick as she pointed towards it.

    “Ok, that’s great. But I don’t think we should really check it.” Mick replied. “Why not? There could be a shitload of good stuff in there.” Zach said, piping into the debate.

    Mick swallowed, ready to tell the rest of the group what happened when him and Vlad went on the last supply run. “The last time me and Vlad went to look through a store, two very dangerous men came. They tried to kill us, and they told us they had more group members somewhere else. We killed them, we couldn’t risk them fleeing to their group.” Mick said. Zach, Angie, and Melanie nodded, understanding the situation.

    “Ok, I get it now. But still, you don’t know if it’ll happen or not this time.” Angie replied. Mick nodded. “Your right, maybe we should go check it out. Follow me.” Mick said as he started to jog towards the Walmart, the others following closely behind. As they reached the entrance of the building, Mick asked for volunteers to accompany him inside of the store. Melanie and Zach wanted to come.

    “Ok, Vlad and Angie, you guard the outside. Make sure no infected get in.” Mick ordered. He beckoned with his hand for Melanie and Zach to follow him as he slowly pushed open the door.

    They instantly saw as they walked into the store a bunch of shelves which had been looted. The three of them searched most of the store. “I have to go pee…” Zach said in the middle of the search, slightly embarrassed. Mick sighed. “Go ahead to the bathroom, Zach.” He said as Zach nodded and proceeded to the bathroom.

    Zach walked to the bathroom and went to open the door, but as his hand hovered over the knob, he heard many grunts from inside. Being a young adult and not that smart, he opened the door up a crack and peered through to see about twelve infected all hiding out in the bathroom. As Zach slowly shut the door completely again, it made a small creak, alerting all of the infected.

    As two of the infected pushed to open the door, Zach fell down as the door swung open. The two infected looked down at Zach as the others started to shamble out of the bathroom behind the two others. “Shit!” Zach yelled as he kicked one of the reaching infected in the chest.

    Mick and Melanie came running into the area. Melanie took her shot gun and shot one of the two infected trying to get to Zach in the head, its corpse falling on the ground close to Zach. Melanie helped Zach up as Mick pointed his revolver at the rest of the infected shambling toward him and his two friends, but he refused to fire a single bullet. He needed to save up his ammo, as it was becoming scarce in this world. He hit the one closest to him in the head several times with the butt of his revolver, and then punched another that was trying to bite him in the back. Melanie fired off another shell of her shotgun as they all tried to run out of the store. Mick took a nearby metal pole and stabbed an infected with it in the forehead. He ripped it out and kicked another one in the legs, firing off a shot of his revolver to its head. Soon the three of them ran out of the store with the remaining infected following.

    “Kill ‘em!!” Mick shouted as they ran out and Angie and Vlad started to shoot at the infected, soon bringing all of them down one by one. Mick took a deep breath as he looked at his revolver. He had only fired one shot, so he had five bullets left. There was a lot of gunfire going on, so the group was probably scarce in ammo.

    “Shit.” He said to himself as he realized that infected were attracted to all kinds of noises, especially gunfire. This meant that there was going to be a giant herd of infected walking over here any minute now.

    “Let’s get out of here, come on.” Mick said as Angie helped Zach recover from the shock. Soon the group made it to a hill, with many tree’s leading up the hill.

    “Should we go through?” Angie asked as Mick thought about it. “Yeah, maybe we can see what places are infested and places that aren’t infested.” Mick replied.

    Soon the five of them were at the top of the hill, killing a couple of infected here or there. They all looked over the hill as they scanned for any place safe. Off in the distance was the big city. Mick scanned in the front of the group for anything that looked hopeful. Soon he spotted a small building, fairly close to the city. It didn’t look very infested from the view.

    “We should head there.” Mick said as he pointed out the small building to the rest of the group.

    “Ok, sounds good. It’ll be a lot easier getting into the city.” Vlad said as Mick nodded. “Well, let’s keep moving.” Mick said as they all climbed back down the hill and went into the direction of the building that Mick had sighted.

    As they kept on traveling, Mick was thinking about his past. He was thinking about how his father had abused him, and how his mother had smoked and drunk all of the time in the house when he was just a child. He remembered how he soon ran away from hope, hoping for a better life. He was soon caught and taken into a foster home, where he hoped to be adopted. Soon a young couple adopted him after about two years in the foster home, and he lived a slightly happier life. But he could not get rid of his dark early past.

    Soon his adoptive parents were killed by a cold murderer. After this Mick ran away again, not wanting to return to the foster home. Soon he was just an orphan, with no adoptive parents what so ever. He survived on his own, stealing for food, water, and shelter. This was how he learned most of his survival tactics today.

    His dark past had haunted him his whole life. He felt like he was born to live in hell. When he was finally married and had a child, they both got devoured by infected. Mick had put some thought into suicide after that, but he remembered his wife’s voice pleading him to stay alive as long as he could.

    So that’s what he would do, he would survive as long as he could, even thought this world was pure hell. And in the process he would help these four other people survive, as they kept on treading through the dark world.

    End of Chapter 1

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    Chapter 2 - Rough Start
    The group of five finally made it to the small building without too many distractions or encounters with the infected.

    Mick gripped his revolver as he opened the door with his other hand, letting the others in slowly. They scanned the area, searching for anything that could be useful or any threats.

    “I don’t see anything.” Vlad said. Mick nodded.

    “So what now?” Melanie asked as she gripped her shotgun, loaded with 3 shells.

    “Well, let’s search some more, then we should be on our way.” Mick replied. The group spread into teams. Mick was with Angie, Zach was by himself, and Melanie and Vlad were together. The group searched every corner of the building, desperate for anything. They were tired, hungry, and thirsty.

    “So…how’re you doing?” Angie asked Mick. He just looked at her weirdly.

    “Does it really matter?” Mick said, scratching his nose.

    “I-I don’t know, I mean…Just trying to make conversation.” She replied looking down at the ground.

    “I’m fine, let’s just focus though, okay?” He replied. He gave her a small smile, but she knew it was fake. He was always worrying about everything, but always tried not to show it. She had always wondered why he was like this, why he seemed to keep everything buried underneath him in some way. It ached her to see him like that, struggling all the time. But they all were struggling, struggling to survive.

    “So besides your job, what’d you do in life?” Melanie asked as she searched around with Vlad.

    “Hah, well I…Wait, Why are you so interested in all of this stuff?” He asked her. She gave him a smirk, and it told him to just answer without questions. This was the time when he could impress her.

    “Well I went to high school, got a good education…..Wanted to become an athlete when I was a kid, wanted to be a track star.” He lowered his head and gave a chuckle.

    “Why’s that so funny? That’s cool.” She said. He just shook his head again.

    “It all went to shit though, had family problems and shit, never got to get my dream. Oh well.” He said. It really wasn’t a very big deal to him now. He had lost everything already anyway.

    “Yeah, that sucks.” She said, her smile fading slowly. She always felt comfortable with Vlad, always had some sort of interest in talking to him.

    Zach was at another corner of the building, not having any luck so far. That was until he discovered a rusty old door. He put his hand on the knob, tugging on it but to no avail. It looked as if it was forced shut by somebody. It seemed suspicious, he needed to find out where it lead to. He noticed that the walls around it were soft, and he noticed lines along them as if the brick of the wall was already cut opened and replaced by something else.

    He started to press on the softer portion of the wall, eventually budging it open. It didn’t take much strength, but Zach didn’t even think about that. What he saw in the room was a joy indeed.

    A stack of water bottles sat on a desk in the room, while crates of food where also in a pile in one corner of the room. He had hit the absolute jackpot, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was about to rush back to the rest of the group to reveal his find.

    That thought ended as it was replaced by fear. He felt something cold touch the back of his head.

    “Don’t fucking say anything.” A man’s voice said behind him. His words were quiet but still fearful.

    Zach followed the man’s instructions to walk to the corner of the room and sit down. In the corner of the room where the man had come from was a young woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She looked to be in her early 20s.

    “We have to get them out of here.” The man whispered to her. She nodded. She stood up and looked at Zach. Zach noticed the worried look in her eyes when her gaze fell on him.

    “Get up now.” The man said to Zach in a raspy voice. He wrapped his arm around Zach’s throat and pressed the gun to his neck, forcing him to walk forward out of the room.

    The young girl in her 20s gave Jeff a worried expression.

    “Don’t worry.” He said to her in response. Zach and Jeff were getting close to the rest of the group now, and Zach didn’t know what to do. One wrong move and this man would blow his brains out.

    “Whoa, whoa!” Vlad shouted in shock as he spotted Jeff. Vlad looked at Mick, expecting him to do something. Mick took action after a moment to process it. He held his revolver up, trying to point it directly at the man’s head.

    “Put him down.” Mick said in a voice that had the tone of an order, but only the volume of a soft talk.

    “Get the hell out of here, leave us alone!” Jeff said as his eyes moved from the four people in the room that were now pointing their weapons at him.

    “P-Please.” Zach managed to let out in a croak. Jeff swallowed hard before making his decision. He threw Zach with as much force as he could towards Mick. It distracted the group long enough for Jeff to star sprinting back upstairs to the room with the woman.

    “Wait!” Mick called, but Jeff just kept running. Melanie started to ascend up the stairs as well.

    “Come on!” She shouted as Mick followed her up. They ran all the way towards the room where the saw Jeff and the woman standing there, both pointing their pistols at Mick and Melanie.

    “Please just leave us alone!” Jeff said. Mick was about to answer, but then get spotted the crates of food and supplies in another corner of the room. He swallowed and then chose his next words carefully.

    “We can survive together, we’ll be safe together. I promise.” He said as he dropped his gun, kicking it to Jeff. He gestured for Melanie to do the same, so she did after a moment of hesitation.

    “Fine, but if you try one fucking thing, you people are dead.” Jeff said, his tone shouting a dangerous threat that was true.

    “Thank you.” Mick said as he took in a deep breath. He reached for his gun, but Jeff pulled it away from him.

    “Nuh-uh, you don’t get these back yet.” Jeff said as he gave them to the woman.

    “Be careful with these people Daisy.” Jeff said to the woman. Daisy nodded in response.

    Melanie descended back down the stairs, telling the rest of the group what had happened. Meanwhile Mick was trying to gain more trust out of Jeff and Daisy.

    “I understand you just being careful, but I am truly thankful for this.” Mick said as he nodded. Jeff just nodded back in response, that same worried look in his eyes. Mick thought to himself that these two people weren’t being very smart, just letting a random group of people letting them into their building. They were just lucky that they hadn’t just invited bandits into their little home.

    Angie, Zach, and Melanie came up the stairs too, nodding to Jeff and Daisy as they came in.

    After the group settled in, it was eventually nighttime.

    “So, does living in this building actually work? Don’t you have infected coming in here?” Angie asked in curiosity to Daisy. Daisy just nodded in response, and Angie was curious to why Daisy hadn't said anything but nod.

    Vlad nibbled on his small piece of bread that he had gotten from Jeff and Daisy’s supply crates. He was chatting with Zach about some random stuff.

    Basically everybody were at least comfortable, but Jeff was in another room of the building, lining up all of the weapons on a dusty old table. These were the guns that he had forced the new group to give him. He didn’t trust these people, something seemed so off about them. He couldn’t quite put it, but he knew that they could be a real danger to him and Daisy.

    The next morning, the group woke up with full stomachs after a good night of rest. They had all taken shifts over night on watch, but they were all pretty well rested nonetheless. Mick had expressed his idea to the group about going on a supply run into the city, since the supply crates weren’t going to last very long as it was.

    “Any volunteers to come with me?” Mick asked. He was a bit annoyed when nobody raised their hand.

    “What about you, Jeff? You big and strong like Mick, you two could make it in and out of the city just fine.” Angie said, but Jeff scoffed.

    “Yeah, I don’t think so. I just met you people yesterday and I’m not going to just let myself turn by back so you can stab me, no thanks!” He said. Mick shook his head.

    “Well, we’re gonna have to go in eventually.” He said, trying to think of another plan that they could use.

    “I’ll go.” Melanie said after taking a deep breath. Mick nodded as Melanie started to load her shotgun with the shells that she had.

    As Mick and Melanie got ready to go, Vlad came up to Mick.

    “Hey man, please just…be careful, okay?” He said as Mick nodded. He knew that Vlad meant to keep Melanie safe, he knew that he cared about her.

    “I will, I’ll be back soon.” Mick said as Melanie came up to them.

    “Mick, I’m ready.” She said as she looked at Vlad and gave him a small smile.

    “Okay good. Vlad, watch over the group.” Mick said, and then the two of them were out of the building in minutes.

            Mick and Melanie walked for about a half an hour before actually getting anywhere. They checked any of the sheds or buildings that they could find, essentially finding some canned goods here and there. They tried to avoid as many infected as they could, they didn’t want to face any dangerous situations.

    “We aren’t really finding anything…” Melanie said as she sat down on the floor, taking her backpack off and checking to see what she had. Some canned peaches and beans. Mick had the same luck as her, sadly.

    “Damn it, with this stuff mixed with Jeff and Daisy’s stuff, we won’t be able to even last two weeks in that building.” Mick said as he shook his head.

    “Yeah…Let’s just look a little bit more, then we can go back, it’s already getting dark.” Melanie said as they both got up. Mick agreed with her plan.

            Soon they were in an area that looked as if it was being constructed and built before the apocalypse started. It looked even crappier than what it had looked like before, and they also had to watch out for any infected more closely.

    Mick was soon alone, wandering around the place. He and Melanie had split up so they could get it over with faster.

    Mick soon came to a room with a bunch of building tools and such. When he stepped in, his shoe splashed into a puddle of fresh blood.

    “What the hell?” He said as he looked at the blood. He noticed that there was a trail of it, and the trail seemed to end in a dark corner in the room far from him. He slowly followed the trail, trying to suppress the sound of his breathing as it got darker. He had a knife in one hand, his precious revolver in the other.

    He seemed to be hearing something now, something like a quickening dribble, and also what it sounded like when someone violently gobbled down their food.

    Right as he realized what it was, an infected jumped out at him, making a sound that sounded like a loud groan. It walked on all fours, and it had teeth so sharp that it could rip out a throat in one bite and tug.

    “Shit!” Mick yelled as he ran as fast as he could back out of the corner, but the infected caught up to him. He blind fired behind his back, trying to slow it down. When he heard it slowing, he turned around swiftly and shot again. He missed due to the shaking of his hands, but then shot once more and hit the infected in the head as it fell to the ground, what was left of its head hitting the floor hard.

    He checked his revolver, finally started to calm himself down. He cursed under his breath when he saw that he had no bullets left. As he walked out of the room, he started to speed walk, eventually jogging around.

    “Melanie?!” He shouted as he got a reply after a couple of seconds.

    “Yeah, over here!” Melanie shouted as he found her. She was standing in front of a large metal door, the ones that people used as storage closets.

    “Whoa.” Mick said as he walked up to it.

    “I found it here, I think there could be supplies there too.” She said, giving a small smile.

    “Great, I’ll lift, just help me a little.” Mick replied as he grabbed the bottom of it. She did too, and they both pulled with all of their strength. They eventually got it open, but it made a lot of noise from the rust. On the other side of it was shadowy, but they could see some boxes aligned near the wall.

    “We should check those-“ Mick said, but as soon as he finished, he saw about ten of those special infected on all fours running towards them.

    “Fuck! Pull it closed!” He said in a panic as she screamed. They got into the room, pushing down with all of their might to close it back up.

    They made some progress, but it stopped closing when their was only a crack left open. It was impossible to close it, but it was too small for any of the infected to crawl through.

    They both heard the infected reach the entrance, banging on the metal as Mick and Melanie took some deep breaths. Now they were in the darkness with nothing but some of their weapons, some boxes, and ten of those very dangerous infected pounding on the entrance, and they could stay in the forever.

    They were going to die in there eventually if the infected didn’t get to them first.

            Zach sits on the dusty ground of the building, his legs straight in front of him, but the things going through his head were much more intense than his casual appearance.

    ‘I am useless.’ He thinks to himself sadly as he shakes his head.

    Jeff then noticed the look on the face. “What’s the matter with you?” He asked in a mean way. Zach looked up at him.

    “Go away.” He replied sharply.

    Jeff walked away with a stern look on his face, then he looked at Daisy to make sure she was okay. Eventually Angie came up to Zach.

    “What’s the matter?” She asked as he sighed.

    “I-I’m just a loser, I just put us all in danger all the time.” He says as he puts his head down in despair.

    “We all make mistakes.” She replied, trying to comfort him.

    “Not like the one’s I make, I just fuck everything up every time.” He said. She then opened her mouth to say something, but then realized that it was no use, so she walked away and left him to his thought.

            “This isn’t fucking good” Mick said as he and Melanie desperately searched for anything useful in the boxes lined up against the wall of the dark room. The metal door seemed to be giving away already to the strong and fast infected pounding on it from the outside.

    “There isn’t anything!” Melanie said as she started to panic.

    “We’ll find something.” Mick replied, but he wasn’t sure that what he was saying was exactly true, but he knew that he had to protect Melanie at all costs while getting himself out of this alive. He didn’t want any problems with Vlad later, and he also had to keep his promise to his wife that he would survive. “Mick?! Mick?!” Melanie yelled as Mick was pulled away from his personal zone. “What do we do?!”

    “Um, well, we have to find any other place that we can get out of here.” He replied as he started to check for anything suspicious in the walls.

    “There’s nothing here, Mick!” Melanie shouted as she was in a full blown panic attack now.

    “Hmph…Whoa.” He replied as he looked up and saw a vent above them. “We can get out through their.” He said as he pointed to it.

    “Good!” It’s too high though, give me a boost.” Melanie said as Mick accepted, placing his hands underneath her feet and hoisting her up to the vent. She gave the bars a strong tug before almost falling.

    “Damn it, it’s too high for me to break through.” She said sadly as Mick thought fast, knowing now that they had very little time.

    “Start lining these boxes up, maybe we can get up to it more from their.” Mick replied as he and Melanie got to work. A shiver went down Melanie’s spine as she saw that the infected were now beginning to understand how to open the metal door. Now it was only a matter of time.

    Soon they were done stacking up the boxes, so Melanie stood on them, trying to balance herself slowly. She reached up to the vent and tugged on the bars again, and soon heard it starting to come off.

    “Hurry!” Mick shouted as the infected started to lift up the door.

    “Got it!” Melanie shouted as she pulled the bars away, but the force of it knocked her off of the boxes, sending her on her back. The wind was knocked out of her as one of the infected’s hands grasped onto her leg.

    “Help!!!” She yelled in fear as she tried to reach for her shotgun. Mick looked at the open vent waiting for him, Melanie, and the door that was being lifted open. Without help, Melanie would be devoured, but if he helped her he would have to risk getting bit or scratched. He had to make a decision now.

            Mick was in his truck, his wife sitting next to him in the passenger seat. His 14 year old daughter sat in the back, looking at all of the armed men running through the streets. Mick sighed when he saw that the road was blocked off.

    “Dammit.” He said as he clasped the wheel angrily.

    “What now?” His wife asked him. He shook his head.

    “They won’t let us out, we’ll have to just go somewhere else.” Mick replied.

    “Mick, where would we go?!” The wife said, anxiety filled her voice.

    “I don’t know, Regina! I’m working on it.” Mick said, the stress and fear overcoming him. He wasn’t having a very good start of the day considering what had happened. When he woke up, he saw chaos outside, people running around and stealing whatever they could find. He watched the news and found out about this strange virus. He ordered his family to pack their bags. It wasn’t safe there anymore.

    “Daddy, are we going to be okay?” His daughter, Holly, said from the backseat. She barely ever called him daddy until now, by this he could tell she was terrified.

    “We’ll be okay, just hold on.” He said, trying to give her a smile. He backed up the truck, deciding to go through a different route.

    Mick started to talk to Regina about what his plan was.

    “Look out!” She screamed as he looked at the road and saw the wall fo infectyed that were running towards the car. He tried to turn, but he ended up swerving in a circle, hitting a nearby tree.

    “Holly?! Are you okay?!” Mick yelled as he looked in the backseat.

    “Y-Yeah.” She said. He saw a big bruise on her forehead from the impact.

    “Oh my god, Mick!” Regina yelled as she looked at the infected coming towards the car.

    “Don’t worry!” Mick yelled. He wasn’t going to let those fuckers get to his family.

    The infected slammed their palms on the windows of the car as Regina screamed. Mick struggled to get his loaded shotgun.

    When he was finished, he unrolled the window a tad bit and shot one of the infected in the head, almost throwing up at it’s brains and blood exploding on his face.

    He slammed open the door, running out and shooting some of the other infected before letting Regina and Holly out.

    “Come on!” Mick yelled, but then Holly fainted. She seemed to have a bad concussion.

    “Oh god!” Regina screamed as she ran to pick up Holly.

    “Regina!!!!!” Mick yelled as an infected came and bit Regina on the shoulder as she screamed.

    Mick grabbed her hand and pulled her out of there as she saw Holly getting devoured on the ground.

    Regina was shocked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

    “M-M-Mick just….Stay alive.” She said as an infected caught up to her and bit into her neck, ripping her flesh out afterwards.


            Mick made a decision in that one second. He grabbed onto Melanie’s hand, but the infected was too fast. It suck it’s teeth into her leg as he pulled with all his might. She soon came loose as he pushed her up to the vent. He saw her crying hopelessly, but she pulled herself up through the vent. Mick did the same, but one of the infected got inside and started to pull him back down.

    “Mick!” Me

  • "Mick!" Melanie yelled as she tried to pull him up, but in her state, the infected was the winner of this battle of strength.

    Mick felt like he was in some sort of void as his fingers started to slip from the vent.

    He wasn’t going to just give up like this so easily. Suddenly he felt something, something like the soul of his wife and child. He had to keep going, only for them.

    The strength he mustered out of determination was incredible at that point as he hoisted himself up the vent with Melanie, kicking the infected off of his leg.

    “Come on!” He shouted quickly as he helped her walk. They had to make it back to the rest of the group before it got dark, or they would in trouble.

    Especially Melanie with her bite.

            Back at the building with the rest of the group, Vlad was staring outside. It was dark out, and he couldn’t help but feel worried for Melanie and Mick.

    Angie walked over to him, noticing the anxious look on his face.

    “What’s up?” she said as he looked up at her.

    “I’m just worried about them.” He said. She nodded.

    “Yeah me too. Well Jeff told me something about Daisy a second ago…” She said slowly after a pause.

    “What is it?” He asked curiously as she was putting him in suspense.

    “Well, you know how she doesn’t even really talk?” She asked. He nodded. “Well, she’s um…A mute.”

    “Oh…” Vlad said as he was speechless. ‘Poor girl’ He thought to himself. Then Angie put her head in her hands and sighed.

    “We’ve gotta just do something, you know. Carrying her around, it’ll be harder for us.” Vlad said. She agreed with him.

    “We’ll just have to try.” She replied as she walked back into the warmth of the building, wanting to get away from the cold night outside.

            “Mick, I c-can’t do this.” Melanie said as Mick sat her down, scanning for anything useful around them. They were almost at the exit of the construction site.

    Then he spotted a large saw in the corner of the room. It was a bit rusty, but it would do. He picked it up and moved back to her.

    “What are y-you doing?” She said in fear, but she already knew the answer.

    “Listen, this is the only way you’ll make it.” Mick said as he looked at her leg sadly. She was now sobbing. She remembered one of her past apocalypse friend’s getting their leg cut off, it wasn’t a very good experience. She sucked in her breath and exhaled.

    “O-okay.” She said, fear etched in her voice, but she still sounded brave and determined to get out of there alive.

    Mick pushed the saw in slowly, eventually moving it hard against her leg. She screamed as she started to bleed. She had her hand squeezed around his.

    When Mick finally saw the bone appearing from her flesh, he started to bang his long knife down on the saw to make it go faster. She was screaming and crying at this point, and also making sounds that would be dubbed as inhumane.

    Eventually with one more push, her bloody leg was sawed off, leaving a bloody mess under her. She had now passed out from the blood loss.

    Blood was all over Mick’s face, and he had a stern look as he picked her up with all of his strength that he had left. ‘Fuck this world’ He thought to himself as he ran out the exit with her in his arms. He had to get back to the building fast before she bled out. He also had to keep pressure on her stump as he did this. Eventually he had to stop in the middle of nowhere to apply bandages to the stump.

    “Just stay with me, Melanie, just stay with me.” He said as he took deep breaths.

    The apocalypse started on a very hard morning for him, and tonight was very difficult.

            “Um, hi.” Vlad said as he looked at Daisy. She nodded at him. He gave her an awkward smile back, but Jeff saw him.

    “Just back off.” Jeff said as he came over to Vlad.

    “What? Why?” Vlad asked as Jeff gave him a shove.

    “Just don’t talk to her, leave her alone.” Jeff said angrily.

    “Man, why are you so protective of her.” Vlad asked, but then Jeff’s temper kicked in.

    “None of your fucking business.” He replied, but then Angie walked over to them.

    “Come on guys, stop!” She yelled. Jeff gave Vlad a mean look and then walked away.

    “Asshole.” Vlad stated as he shook his head. Zach had a worried look on his face due to the short fight.

    “Just don’t talk to him, Vlad.” Angie said as she went to go back to where she was before, but then she noticed something.

    She saw Mick running outside in the night. She was confused to why Melanie was in his arms.

    “Whoa, Mick!” Vlad yelled as he ran downstairs to help Mick.

    Angie squinted closer to to see Mick, and then it hit her.

    He had failed to protect Melanie, and in the process she got bit and might die now.

    This wasn’t going to go down well between Mick and Vlad.

    End of Chapter 2

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