Grats on finally getting MI back

When I heard you where getting the licence to making this new MI series I jumped with joy. Who could be more suitable to make it then you!!! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the releases.

Thanks for giving Guybrush back his beard.
Never got why they removed the beard he got in MI2.
Should have been a a bit fuller like the MI2 one ; P.
(but taste differ so a nice compromise :D )

Hope these includes a few minigames and Insult Swordfighting is a must.
( Well I hope it gets included at least, but its your call.)

Maybe a Sam and Max reference or two, that fits with the old games i think.
Maybe Sams phone answering style flabergasting Guybrush or some of his enemy in a swordfight, or something. (there is a few ways to put it in.)

Anyway great catch Telltale. Will order VERY SOON.

Hope Lucasart Gets enough sales on the MI1 remake to do a MI2 remake,
(a. because more people will see the greatest clasic of them all when its rereleased with enhanced graphics and b. due to the fact that my old MI 1 and MI 2 cd is broken. :( have missed them so... )
but not enough to take back the franchise from you.
(After your previous games i truly feel you have the spirit needed)

MI is finally revived :D:D:D
My Congratulations Telltale. I have a feeling you will do a great job of Revitalising the MI universe.


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    I think you're under a slight misconception here. The license for Monkey Island games hasn't transferred from LucasArts to Telltale. LucasArts have allowed for (licensed out) a Monkey Island game to be developed by Telltale, but they still own the franchise and probably always will. There's no chance of LucasArts ever "taking back the franchise from [Telltale]", as they haven't given it away.
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    thx for correcting me. Should have wrote things clearer, but was in such an euporia that I didn't proofread better. Hope Lucasart lets Telltale make more in the future instead of potentially halfassing the saga instead. Telltale show fantastic promise while Lucasart have lost all originality in the recent years. The old games they made wow, while now "zzz". REMAKING MI1 tho is their greatest idea in a long time.

    And still love the fact that telltale is continuing the saga :) hope they get to keep doing that for a loooong time!!!
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    However, its the thought that counts and the essence of the thought that is exicitng ! Monkey island is back and people are talking about it ! Thank you for helping to make it happen TellTale games !
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