Forum Werewolf 2

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Hello and welcome to Forum Werewolf 2 ! I guess this is the sequel to NoHopeLeft's original Forum werewolf game that you can find here. Also, @InGen_Nate_Kenny will also be making a Forum Werewolf Game January 16th.

Now the rules. There will be 12 players, I will try to get people who did not get to play in NoHopeLeft's game but if you want to play again you can.

There will be 3 Werewolves, They will be the ones who will kill the people of the town. I will send a PM to the wolves and they vote on who they will kill.

1 Protector, The protector will be Pm'd if they are chosen. The Protector chooses who to protect from the wolves at night and the protector can protect themselves

1 Seer. The Seer will be able to Tell if someone is a wolf. Although the seer will only be able to see if they are a wolf during the night through a dream based on who they choose to see who is a wolf or not.

Now for other rules.

Once you are dead, you can not participate in the game anymore, but you will be able to leave a death note.

It will take **Three Votes ** to nominate someone as a wolf. Then to decide if they are guilty or innocent or not it will take 3 Votes aswell. The number of votes will go down as the amount of Players go down. If the vote is uneven and undecided they will be let go as innocent

That is basically it ! If you wish to play just type a comment below saying, "I will play."

Players Sorry, no more :(

REMINDER Accused players will be seen innocent until proven guilty.

The Map of the Town

Alt text



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