I know I screwed this up but maybe an admin or moderator can help....

So a friend of mine told me this game was great and since I was already in iTunes, I just searched for "Hector: Ep 1" and came up with the "We Negotiate with Terrorists" episode. Because of the way I did the search, there was not a distinction between iPad apps and iPhone apps. My search results just showed the two different versions of the Hector: Ep 1 game (full version and lite version). Because my friend said this game was so good, I decided to go with the full version. When I looked at the requirements, everything seemed ok...my operating system was fine and it said "iPad compatible" (not iPad only) which didn't make me think I couldn't play or download it to my iPhone 6+. So, I paid the $6.99 for the app, it downloaded to iTunes but I can't get it to load onto my iPhone 6+ or my iPod Touch (4th generation) (tried this too, just in case). I know I'm probably out of luck in getting a refund or getting a game to play since I screwed this up but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks for any help.....


  • Hey Stephanie, when it comes to Hector, Telltale only handles the PC version. For the iPhone/iPad version, you'll have to take up your case with Straandlooper. Good luck!

    (And if you want to play it on your PC/Mac, Telltale can help, but you'll probably be out the $6.99.)

  • Personally I am not aware of what to do but a Mod or Telltale Staff might be able to better answer you and give you further guidance in the Support Section.


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