The Walking Dead: Thicker Than Water

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The Story of Clementine and Christa's journey begins in the link below:

This chapter and the last will each be one part.

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Inside the white medical tent, Clementine is holding Junior in her arms while watching Anna and Donald help Christa out of her bed.

  • Christa: (grunts) ...ugh.
  • Anna: Don't rush it. Just take it easy.
  • Donald: You better listen to her, Christa.
  • Christa: Don't...worry about me.

With Donald and Anna's assistance, Christa manages to stand up straight on her feet.

  • Christa: ...Okay....I think I'm good.
  • Anna: I'll decide when you're "good." You just had a baby, so you need to take it easy.
  • Christa: ...(sighs)
  • Anna: Just trust us, alright?
  • Donald: We look after each other.

Christa looks over to Clementine and Junior.

  • Christa: Shit. Sorry, I need to sit back down.
  • Donald: Okay.

Anna and Donald gently ease Christa back onto the bed.

  • Clementine: Are you going to be okay?
  • Christa: Yeah, yeah of course. I'm just...really hungry.
  • Donald: Not a problem, Miss. We got a tent full'a food and water. It's not far from here.
  • Christa: ...Oh God.
  • Anna: It's alright. We'll go get your food.

Clementine walks up to Christa hands her Junior.

  • Clementine: I'll go.
  • Christa: Thank you, Clem.
  • Donald: You know where to go, right? Big and red?
  • Clementine: Mm-hmm.
  • Anna: Maybe some for you, too.

Clementine goes on outside. It's large and bright out, and various people are walking all over the place. She walks to her left and passes by men, woman and even a few kids. Straight ahead of her is the large red tent. As she makes her way towards it, she accidentally bumps into an 11 year old boy named Jacob.

  • Jacob: Hey! Watch where you're going!
  • Clementine: S-sorry...
  • Jacob: (pointing at her) ...Hey wait. You're that new kid, aren't you? What's the name...uh...Catherine?
  • Clementine: ...Clementine.
  • Jacob: Whatever. I'm Jacob. Just so you know, the new kid's not supposed to sit with us when it's lunch time. So...yeah. Find some place else to sit.

Clementine scowls at Jacob. He notices the blood stains on her hat.

  • Jacob: Hey, what's with the blood?

Fed up with Jacob's lack of hospitality, Clementine turns around and makes her way to the red tent.

  • Jacob: Hmmph.

Clementine gets into the tent. She smells the familiar scent of cinnamon, and sees that they've made oatmeal. Inside are tables where the people are standing behind it to properly distribute the food. Clementine goes up to one of the women behind the table.

  • Woman: Hello there. You look hungry. One bowl of delicious oatmeal coming up.
  • Clementine: Um, can I get two bowls instead? One for me and one for my friend?
  • Woman: Sorry, but we're not allowed to give out more than one.
  • Cleementine: But she can't walk. She just had a baby.
  • Woman: I'm sorry, but I just can't. We could both get into serious trouble. My boss, one of the leaders, is a bit of a hard-ass.

The woman goes outside through the back of the tent. She comes back out with a hot bowl of oatmeal and gives it to Clementine. Suddenly a young girl roughly around the same age as Clementine named Eliza comes in.

  • Woman: Hey, Eliza.
  • Eliza: Hi. Can I have a bowl of oatmeal please?
  • Woman: It's gonna take a few minutes. I just gave out the last of our latest batch. Think you can wait until then?
  • Eliza: ...I guess.
  • Woman: (chuckles) Don't worry. It won't be long.

The woman goes back outside. Eliza notices Clementine's oatmeal.

  • Eliza: Man, that looks really good.
  • Clementine: ...Yeah.
  • Eliza: Hey, you're new here. One of my friends was just talking about you.
  • Clementine: ...Jacob?
  • Eliza: Yeah. He said you were weird.
  • Clementine: What?
  • Eliza: I don't think you are. You look cool. I really like your hat.
  • Clementine (smiles) Thanks.
  • Eliza: My name's Eliza.
  • Clementine: I'm Clementine.

They both share a handshake.

  • Eliza: You have no idea how happy I am to see another girl my age!
  • Clementine: (chuckles) many more kids are there?
  • Eliza: Ten...I think. I don't know. They're all older than me. If you want, after I get my food, you can come eat with me and my friends.
  • Clementine: But Jacob said new kids aren't allowed to sit with any of you.
  • Eliza: Well, he's just being stupid. I'm sure everyone'll like you!
  • Clementine: (chuckles) Thanks. But, I still need to get my friend some food, and they won't let me take more than one bowl.
  • Eliza: Oh...that's too bad.

The woman comes back into the tent and with a fresh bowl of oatmeal and hands it to Eliza.

  • Woman: Enjoy!
  • Eliza: Thank you.

Clementine and Eliza walk out of the tent, oatmeal in hand.

  • Eliza: Hey um. I gotta go back to my friends, so if you don't mind...

Eliza hands Clementine her oatmeal.

  • Eliza: Give this to your friend for me?
  • Clementine: Oh, Aren't you hungry?
  • Eliza: I'll be fine.
  • Clementine: Thanks, Eliza.
  • Eliza: No problem. It was nice meeting you, Clementine. Come find me after you're done and we can play some soccer together.

Clementine watches as Eliza takes off and walks away into obscurity.


Clementine, wearing Eliza's brown jacket, is out in the wintery forest tailing behind Marcus, Breyer, and another one of Damien's men named Wayne, same age and height as Breyer. Clementine sports her pistol and hammer in hand, Marcus carries a crowbar, and Breyer and Wayne are carrying assault rifles. While walking forward, Clementine takes out Eliza's letter and reads through it again.

  • Clementine: (whispers to herself) Where are you?
  • Marcus: Clem, come on.
  • Breyer: Yeah, hurry your ass up.

Clementine speed walks towards the group.

  • Clementine: Sorry.

Wayne notices the letter in Clementine's hand.

  • Wayne: The hell is that?

Clementine quickly puts the letter behind her back.

  • Clementine: N-nothing...
  • Wayne: Bullshit. Give me that.

Wayne walks towards Clementine. Marcus gets in his way.

  • Marcus: What she does is none of your business.
  • Wayne: (chuckles) What do you you think is gonna hit first? You're crowbar or my bullets?
  • Breyer: Hey, both of you shut up. Look...

Ahead of them are a pack of six walkers slowy moving towards them. Using the strap, Breyer puts the rifle behind his back and draws out a hunting knife. Wayne stands beside him and readies his gun. Breyer puts it down.

  • Wayne: What?
  • Breyer: There's not a lot. And we don't need the noise to bring in anymore.
  • Wayne: Well, I don't have anything else on me. What do you want me to do?
  • Breyer: ...Just...swing it like a club.
  • Wayne: ...Fuck.
  • Breyer: (to Clementine and Marcus) You two get ready!!

Marcus readies his crow bar while Clementine puts her hand gun away and readies her hammer. She walks up to Marcus and stands next to him.

  • Marcus: Careful.
  • Clementine: You too.

Two male walkers lunge in to attack Breyer and Wayne. Breyer stabs one of them in the chest while pushing it back. Wayne swing his rifle at the second walker repeatedly. The other walkers, three female and one male, notice Marcus and Clementine and go after them.

Marcus swings his crowbar at the male, and manages to get a good hit at the head. One of the three females joins the fray while the other two go after Clementine. Seeing how one is further than the other, Clementine goes for the walker closest to her, and manages to deliver a successful death blow to the head with the claw of the hammer. Unfortunately, it's stuck and she's struggling to get it out.

The second female gives Clementine no time, and lunges at her. She quickly turns around and is pinned down on her back struggling. Her thumbs are pushing against the eyes, and she's using every bit of her strength to get it off. At the last minute, Marcus comes in and punctures it through the back of the head where it exits through the middle of the forehead.

Clementine pushes the corpse off of her, and sits up out of breath. Marcus holds his hand out to her.

  • Marcus: You okay?

Clementine grabs his hand and he pulls her up. She's still trying to catch her breath.

  • Clementine:

Marcus paces by her and turns to her.

  • Marcus: Maybe we should get you a weapon that won't screw you over.

Before Clementine can answer, she feels the sensation of someone going into her pocket and taking the letter out. She quickly turns around.

  • Clementine: HEY!
  • Marcus: What the hell?

Wayne's snatched the letter out of Clementine's pocket and starts reading it. He looks back at Clementine, who's glaring at him.

  • Clementine: Give it back!
  • Wayne: ...Eliza? I thought your name was Clementine.
  • Clementine: Just give it back to me!
  • Wayne: What..? Oh no wait, the other little girl!

Breyer finally joins the group while wiping the blood off of his knife onto his jacket.

  • Breyer: (To Wayne) What's that you got there?
  • Wayne: Here.

Wayne gives Breyer the letter and he starts reading. Wayne starts intimidating Clementine with a cool and chilling voice.

  • Wayne: You know, for you sake, I hope Damien shows that girl some sort of mercy. He holds no restraint when it comes to killing kids. You're lucky. He's obsessed with you. You stay in line today and you'll live to see daylight tomorrow. Eliza? (chuckles) If she ain't here with us, well...she's probably fucked.

Clementine can't stand to listen to to Wayne's words any longer.

  • Wayne: (laughs) Hell, maybe literally.
  • Clementine: STOP!!
  • Wayne: Hey, she's cute. It's gonna happen one way or another.

Marcus instantly marches up to Wayne and delivers a solid punch to his face.

  • Wayne: ARGH!!
  • Marcus: FUCK YOU!!

While watching Marcus kneeling on Wayne's chest and mercilessly beating him, Breyer puts the letter in his pocket and gets his gun pointed at Marcus' face. Marcus looks back at him.

  • Breyer: That's enough, asshole! Get off of him!!
  • Marcus: I swear...on my life...If that girl...has been harmed in anyway, ...I will--

Suddenly, they hear a man screaming from far away. Everyone looks into the same direction. Clementine looks at Breyer as he smiles.

  • Breyer: Jackpot. Come on, halt the scrap and let's go.

Marcus gets off of Wayne and walks to Clementine. She sees the blood on his hands.

  • Marcus: Sorry...I...I just...I worry about her, alright? About as much as you do, I'm sure.
  • Clementine: I--

Wayne walks up to Marcus.

  • Wayne: This isn't over.
  • Breyer: Everyone move it!

They run through the forest dodging every tree, branch and root that gets in their way. They make it to an open road where on the other side is a large lake. On the other side of the lake is another forest with even larger and taller trees. Clementine looks to her right and sees a sign that says,


  • Breyer: Over there!!

Clementine looks to her left and sees a far away car and two indistinguishable figures next to it. One of them is sitting on the ground and leaning on the car, and the other is fighting off walkers.

  • Breyer: Come on!

They run toward the car. As they get closer, Clementine can make out the figures and see that they are two Chinese men. One of them is in his 20's, wearing a hiker's backpack and fighting off the walkers, and the other is old, white-haired, bearded, and wounded.

After killing the last walker, the younger man goes to the older one. He seems to be scared. He notices Breyer getting close and immediately stands up and gets in front of the other man.

  • Man 1: NO!!
  • Breyer: ...You don't look like you're from around here.
  • Man 1: (in Chinese) Don't come closer!
  • Wayne: ...The hell?
  • Breyer: Oh great. A gook. Speak fucking American.
  • Man 1: Don't...hurt him!
  • Breyer: That's better. Listen Jim, I just want your bags. You look like you got lots of goodies with you.
  • Marcus: Wait, what? We're mugging him?
  • Wayne: It's what we do.
  • Breyer: ...and if they refuse to give us what we want, we kill 'em.
  • Man 1: No no no no...please!!
  • Man 2: ...Jun.

Jun turns around and kneels next to the wounded man.

  • Jun: (in Chinese) Father! Your fever's getting worse. Let me get the medicine.
  • Father: (in Chinese) Who's...who's with you? Can we trust them?
  • Jun: (in Chinese) No! They want to rob us!

Father leans forward and makes eye contact with the group.

  • Father: come from?
  • Breyer: A town. A far away town.
  • Father: Can me? ...Please?

Wayne steps forward. Marcus and Clementine walk to the other side of the two men, having the group completely circle them.

  • Wayne: Well, can you walk?
  • Father: No...I

Father notices Clementine's presence.

  • Father: You. Little girl?
  • Clementine (nervously) Y-yes?
  • Father: (gestures head to group) They your family?
  • Clementine: Not...really. We can probably help you.
  • Father: Please...My son. He needs help too.

Clementine tries to say something. She's interrupted by Breyer.

  • Breyer: Okay enough wasting our time. Just give us you stuff, now!
  • Jun: NO!! (in Chinese) Fucking Asshole American (back to English) He's hurt. Sick. He needs medicine!
  • Breyer: Sick? Oh well, fuck me! This changes everything.
  • Marcus: What?

Breyer draws his gun.

  • Clementine: Wha-what are you doing?!
  • Breyer: A favour. Wayne, hold him.

Wayne walks in and grabs Jun.

  • Jun: No!! (in Chinese) Let me go!!
  • Wayne: Come on, buddy! Don't wanna see this!
  • Jun: (in Chinese) FATHER!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!
  • Marcus: Breyer?!

Breyer points the gun at Father and cocks it.

  • Father: No...


Breyer fires and delivers a fatal shot to the head. Wayne finally lets go of Jun, who rushes to his dead father's body and starts mourning him.

  • Marcus: ...what have you done...?
  • Clementine: You killed him!
  • Breyer: He was dead anyways, and you both know that! Wayne, get the bags.

Breyer, walks up to Jun and squats done beside him.

  • Breyer: Hey, now. Come on, don't take it personal, Jim. He's in a better place now, right?

Jun pays no attention to Breyer.

  • Breyer: Now look, we can take the bags home and you can come with us, or we can take just the bags and leave you here, father-less, no food, no water, nothing. You can move on the easy way or you can move on the hard way. Your choice, man.

Jun starts breathing heavily and slowly turns around to glare at Breyer. Out of nowhere, Jun starts lunging at Breyer, but he quickly counters by pushing Jun onto his back, and aims his gun at him.

  • Breyer: Fine.

Marcus quickly steps in and tackles Breyer into the ground. Clementine watches the scuffle between the two, while Jun goes back to cradling his father's body. Clementine points her gun and tries to get Breyer in her crosshairs.

  • Marcus: Clem, don't risk it! I got him.
  • Breyer: Wayne, fucking help me!!
  • Wayne: ...Shit!!

Clementine watches as Wayne suddenly takes the bags and runs into the woods. While Wayne runs away, Christa and Rachel show up from out of the woods.

  • Christa: Clementine?! We heard a gunshot! What happened?!
  • Rachel: Dad?!

Breyer has fully pinned down Marcus and has his hands around his neck. Rachel intervenes and grabs Breyer to get him off.

  • Rachel: STOP!! LET HIM GO!!

Breyer shakes Rachel off and slaps her.

  • Marcus: NO!!

Marcus delivers a punch to Breyer's face and knocks him off and onto the ground. Marcus quickly gets up and starts mercilessly stomping and Breyer's face. Each stomp makes Breyer bleed out more and more up to the point where skin is starting to peel off.

  • Rachel: Dad...?
  • Christa: Marcus, that's enough!!
  • Marcus: (to Breyer) NO ONE. FUCKING. TOUCHES HER!!

After stomping Breyer's face one last time, leaving it a bloody mess, Marcus catches his breath and looks back at Rachel. He holds her the bruised side of her face. Christa goes in to check for Breyer's pulse.

  • Marcus: Are you okay?
  • Rachel: I...don't know.
  • Christa: Marcus...he's...he's dead.
  • Rachel: You...killed him...?
  • Marcus: Oh shit...Oh shit...we're fucked...we're so fucked.
  • Wayne: Breyer!!

Everyone, Jun included, looks back and sees Wayne along with Devin and 3 other men with guns. Wayne sees the blood on Marcus' hands and boots.

  • Devin: (to Christa and Rachel) There you two are!
  • Wayne: What happened?! Where's Breyer?!
  • Devin: Oh no.

He notices Breyer's broken corpse.

  • Wayne: You killed him! (to his Group) He fucking murdered him in cold-blood!!
  • Marcus: He deserved it! He killed an innocent man and he attacked my daughter.

Jun goes after Wayne who counters by hitting him with the butt of his gun. He picks up Jun and holds him at gun point.

  • Jun: (in Chinese) Go on!! Do it!!
  • Thug 1: ...The fuck?
  • Wayne: Chinese.

The rest of the thugs go and seize Clementine, Rachel, Christa and Marcus. Before they leave, Wayne takes one last look at Breyer's body.

  • Wayne: (Sighs)...You’re all in deep shit now.


Clementine, Christa, Rachel, Marcus and Jun are on their knees with their hands tied to their backs, circled by a mix of Damien's crew and Oaktown civilians that have been radicalized by him. The news about Marcus murdering Breyer has angered the whole crowd. All Clementine can hear is loud yelling.

  • Man: Fucking kill the assholes!!
  • Man 2: Brey was a good man, you pricks!!
  • Man 3: The fuck do you get off??!!

Clementine looks around, panicking over what's to come. She looks ahead and sees Damien forcefully pushing his way through the crowd followed by Wayne. Even with the mask on, he looks furious. To get the crowd to keep quiet, Damien draws his gun, points it upward, and shoots.

  • Damien: THAT'S ENOUGH.

Everyone grows dead silent. Damien puts the gun away and walks towards Marcus. He leans down and looks at his face. Marcus refuses to look him in the eye. Damien stands back up and looks to the crowd.

  • Damien: Breyer...he was a decent kid. He was tough. Stubborn, sure; nevertheless, that's what made him strong. Now, we've lost a lot of people since we got here. Hell, even before we got here. I've tried time and time again to keep you all safe...against our enemies.

Damien turns to look at Clementine's crew.

  • Damien: I thought I was fair. I thought I was giving you everything you could want. I wanted us to come together as a family. And (chuckles) you return the favour by killing a member of your own family.
  • Marcus: Yeah. You know what, Damien? Your a load of shit.

Marcus slowly gets up, prompting the men in the front lines to get defensive. Damien gestures them to stand down.

  • Damien: ...Go on.
  • Marcus: (gestures head to Jun) This young man's father was ill. All he was doing was protecting him from harm. We could've left them alone, but...fucking Breyer just went up and shot if he was a goddamned fly. When he told me that this is what you people do to survive, by fucking robbing them, and killing them if they resisted?

Marcus slowly shakes his head from side to side.

  • Marcus: All you do is destroy families. REAL fucking families. This bullshit side show your running? You're all nothing more than petty thugs! I'm proud of what I did to that piece of shit! He deserved to die!!

After a long uncomfortable pause, Damien pulls out his sickle and slowly walks over to Marcus.

  • Christa: Oh shit.
  • Rachel: Dad?!

As Damien gets closer, he raises his sickle getting ready to strike, but stops when he's about 3 feet away from Marcus. He looks down at Rachel, who's on the verge of crying.

  • Rachel: Don't. Don't do it.
  • Marcus: What...What are you doing?

Damien suddenly reaches and grabs Rachel by her hair to make her stand up. He wraps his around her, and holds the tip of the blade to her neck. Marcus tries to go after him but is stopped by Wayne who has his gun pointed at him. Damien, holding Rachel backs up until he's 20 feet from Marcus.

  • Damien: (to Wayne) In both legs.


Marcus is shot in both his thighs. The sudden gunshots make Clementine flinch, cause Christa to duck down, and make Jun try to run only to be grabbed by another thug. The crowd starts going wild.


Damien cuts Rachel's binds, freeing her, and walks up to stand in front of her.

  • Damien: It won't be me who's gonna do the killing tonight, kiddo.

Damien forces the handle of the sickle into her hand and goes up to her ear.

  • Damien: ...And don't hold back.
  • Rachel: (breathing heavily)
  • Christa: Damien, No!! Don't do this to her!!
  • Damien: (to Wayne) Go and put her in the church, will you? I'll deal with her later.
  • Wayne: You got it.

Wayne goes up to Christa and hits her in the head with the butt of his gun.

  • Clementine: NO!!

Clementine is grabbed by Damien, who stands her up and turns her head to Marcus and Rachel.

  • Clementine: Let go of me!
  • Damien: You don't wanna miss this, Clem.

After Wayne has escorted Christa out of the gymnasium, all that's left inside the circle is a wounded and bleeding Marcus and a horrified Rachel holding a weapon.

  • Damien: Go on, Rachel! Everyone's waiting for the main event.
  • Man: YEAH, DO IT!!
  • Rachel: (top-of-her-lungs screaming) FUCK YOU!!!

A thug walks up to Rachel with a knife pressed against the back of her neck.

  • Thug: Quit stalling!! Either you cut him up, or I cut you up!!
  • Marcus: Rachel!!

Rachel, still in tears, looks at her father.

  • Marcus:'s okay. ...You have to save yourself.
  • Rachel: DAD!!
  • Marcus: ...Find your brothers...and be strong...

Rachel reluctantly walks up Marcus. Marcus gives her one last look before closing his eyes and waiting for death. Rachel looks around at the men yelling at her to do it. On the verge of breaking down, she slowly raises up the sickle getting ride to strike.

  • Damien: NOW!! FINISH HIM!!
  • Rachel: AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

Rachel swings down with all of her might. Clementine close her eyes. The crowd goes silent upon impact.

  • Damien: What do you see, Clem?

Clementine opens her eyes and gasps in horror. Marcus is on the floor with the tip of the blade fully embedded inside his scalp. Rachel is crying hysterically over her dead father's body.

  • Rachel: DAD!! I'M SO SORRY!!
  • Damien: (looking around) Where the fuck is Scarlet?!
  • Thug: Probably still somewhere in the forest with that baby.
  • Damien: Shit. Alright, you go take Rachel to music store. She's gonna need alone time.
  • Thug: You got it.

Damien turns Clementine around and grabs her firmly by her shoulders.

  • Damien: Let's go. You and I need to talk.

Damien walks Clementine into the upstairs room where she was taken to after her trial. She's sitting on a chair, still grieving over Marcus' death. Damien looks at Clementine's pistol before setting it down on the side table. He goes and sits on a chair in front of Clementine. She can hear the chants from Damien's men fading away as they leave the gym.

  • Damien: (rubbing his eyes) Ugh...I can't believe this. You know, I was ready to do it. There he was standing there shitting his pants as he watched me getting ready to waste his ass. But then I thought to myself "What could I do to make sure justice was truly served and Clementine would not fuck up again?"
  • Clementine: ...(Sniffles) What?
  • Damien: "Friends hold you back." Remember that? The day you came to my old place to save that fucker who's still rotting in the jar back at the church? Yeah. I think you remember. See, I had absolutely NO intention of letting you see that girl again, because I wanted you to lose any kind of attachment that would possibly form any sort of bias while you make the tough decisions. The only reason I let you stay with your other friends was because they weren't stupid, naive little kids. I thought maybe, they too would do what it takes to get shit done...

Clementine looks up at him.

  • Damien: ...But when Marcus just kept wailing on Breyer over and over again, you just stood there and did fuck all to stop him. If it was Bradley beating on Marcus, maybe you would have done something.
  • Clementine: BECAUSE HE WAS MY FRIEND!!
  • Damien: Hmmph. Yeah. Was your friend. Fuck your friends, and fuck your pansy-ass, moralistic bullshit.

Clementine glares hard at Damien.

  • Damien: With Rachel broken, that just leaves Christa. Maybe it'll be easier to kill her instead.
  • Clementine: ...
  • Damien: Then, once she's gone, I'm gonna--

Damien's radio goes off.

  • Thug: Damien! Are you there?! We have a serious problem!
  • Damien: Oh give me a break.

Damien grabs the radio and holds it to his face.

  • Damien: What?
  • Thug: The woman? The black woman? She's gone!

Damien gets up and walks away from Clementine.

  • Damien: WHAT?! What do you mean she's fucking gone?!

Clementine looks to her right and sees the gun on the table. She quietly gets up from her chair and gently tiptoes sideways toward it.

  • Thug: We're in front of the church. She stabbed him. She fucking stabbed Wayne, man! He's dead! Worst part, Devin's helping her!
  • Damien: Well, where are they?!
  • Thug: I don't know!! We're searching the whole town and there's still no sign of them!!
  • Damien: Well find them!! If she isn't found in the next 2 minutes, I'll make you all fucking starve!!

Clementine grabs the gun off the table. She points it at Damien and pulls the trigger.


The gun's safety was on, and the click alerted Damien of what's happening. Surprised, he walks up to Clementine.

  • Damien: The fucking nerve of you.

Clementine panics trying to turn the safety off but once she does, she finally manages to shoot Damien in the gut.

  • Damien: ARGH!!

Damien collapses to the ground holding his stomach in agony. Clementine puts her gun in the pocket inside her jacket, grabs Damien's radio, and makes a run for it into the hallway.


Clementine runs to the end of the hallway and goes through the doors that lead to the stairs. Once she reaches the bottom, she sees a door that leads to outside and goes through it. She's now at the back of the building. Just south of the building is the forest.

Daylight's growing weaker and the snow and wind are growing stronger. Clementine crouches down and pokes her head out of cover. She sees a bunch of men searching the streets for Christa.

  • Clementine: No good. I can't let them see me.

The radio goes off.

  • Thug: Damien. You there? We heard a gunshot. Is everything okay?
  • Clementine: Uh oh.

Clementine quickly turns down the volume. It's too late, since someone from afar already heard it.

  • Man: The hell was that?

Clementine turns around and runs into the forest. While hiding behind a tree, Clementine checks her gun for bullets. She finds only one.

  • Clementine: Just one. Great.

Clementine puts the gun back inside the jacket and takes out Eliza's letter.

  • Clementine: ...Sorry, Christa. But she needs me.

Clementine runs deeper into the woods and further away from Oaktown, dodging every log and branch in her way. More snow is coming and it's slowly blanketing the ground enough to leave footprints.

After minutes of running, Clementine finally finds a cabin. It's a very simple one floor cabin with only one door and few windows. She crouches down stealthily, and slowly creeps up to the cabin. To her surprise, the door is already open. She takes out her gun and walks into the cabin. Looking to the right, she sees Scarlet leaning against the wall curled up in a fetal position. She not only seems like she's sad, but extremely afraid and disturbed. Clementine carefully goes up to her.

  • Scarlet: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
  • Clementine: Where are Eliza and the baby?

Scarlet refuses to look Clementine in the eye.

  • Scarlet: I...I just...I had was gonna
  • Clementine: What are you talking about?
  • Scarlet: He much. I just...wanted it to stop.

Clementine picks up the familiar sounds of baby noises. She looks to the other side of the room and to her relief, Junior is there with a blanket on him. But once she stands up and gets a better look at him, she drops her gun in horror.

Junior's had a pacifier duct taped to his mouth and as a result, suffocated him to death; however he's come back as a walker, and hearing Clementine talking to Scarlet had woken him. Clementine walks up to him and kneels down.

  • Clementine: (tearing) ...No.

Junior's skin has lost all of his colour and is now a lifeless grey. Clementine pulls the blanket down and sees his ribs are nearly visible, and his belly is covered in veins and boils. Junior sees Clementine, and tries to claw at her. Clementine rubs the top of Junior's head and puts the blanket back on.

  • Clementine: I'm so sorry, Junior.

Sudden footsteps are heard, and Clementine looks back to find Christa standing in the door way.

  • Christa: Clementine! There you are, thank God!! Devin went out to get Rachel. He's gonna meet us down at Winter Lake. We got find Junior and leave.

All Clementine can do is look at Christa teary-eyed.

  • Christa: What's wrong?

Christa walks up to Clementine and finally sees Junior.

  • Christa: Junior?! Oh Thank Go--What?! No! NOOO!! MY BABY!!

Christa picks up Junior and holds him tightly against her chest while breaking into tears. Junior tries gnawing on Christa's neck, but the tape keeps her safe from harm. Clementine walks back and sees Scarlet putting Clementine's gun to her head. Clementine quickly goes and snatches her gun out of Scarlet's hand.

  • Clementine: WHERE IS ELIZA?!
  • Scarlet: (sniffles) In...another...cabin...not far from here. Please give it to me. I'm a monster. I can't live with myself anymore.

Clementine gets up and walks to the door. She looks back at Scarlet.

  • Clementine: Do it yourself.

After more minutes of running, Clementine finally arrives at the next cabin. Just like the other, it's small. She hides behind a tree and sees a man sitting on the steps drinking a beer. He's wearing a black toque, black winter jacket, and brown pants. He's overweight and has a large beard. His radio goes off.

  • Thug: Hey, Maurice. You there?
  • Maurice: (Belches) Yeah.
  • Clementine: Gross.
  • Thug: Damien just got shot!
  • Maurice: Really? Damn...(Sips his beer)
  • Thug: You better not be fucking drinking again. He's alive but he's rallying up everyone back in town to pick up some extra weapons and ammo. The girl and her crew escaped and we're hunting them down.
  • Maurice: Uh-huh. What's that gotta do with me?
  • Thug: We need you back here, dipshit.
  • Maurice: I don't know. I'm having some fun back here.
  • Thug: Just get your fat, hairy ass back here.
  • Maurice: (sighs) Whatever you say! (turns off radio) Asshole...

Maurice struggles getting up. He spits into the ground and starts walking towards Oaktown.

  • Maurice: Now don't you go anywhere, sweetheart! I'll be back ready for more (laughs)

Once Maurice is completely out of sight Clementine runs into the dark cabin.

Clementine: Eliza?!

Clementine has finally found her, albeit unconscious. She's sitting on the floor leaning against the wall still wearing her shirt, pants and shoes, all of which are ripped and covered in a bit of blood. Her hair is messy and her face is covered in dirt. There's dried up blood underneath her nose, she has a bruise on her left eye, and she has a large cut on her lip.

Clementine feels worried that she's too late.


The story concludes in Our Last Moments.


  • The story concludes in Our Last Moments.


    Fuck Scarlet. Poor Eliza.

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