Pre-Order: Taking away stuff we already had?

I have been looking over the pre-order bonuses for Tales, and I'm liking it less and less the more I see them.

1. DVD Slipcase painted by Steve Purcell.

This is BOUND to be excellent. As were the Sam and Max: Season One and Season Two covers, neither of which required a pre-order.

2. Free Telltale Games episode of your choice

Not a problem, actually. I mean, I own them all at the moment, but the "Of your choice" means it may not expire before the next series, which could be good. And giving people the choice is overall just a better execution. This is a good one, Telltale.

3. Exclusive Monkey Island forum

I don't like this at all. Telltale games has always felt like the company that is the closest to its fanbase of all the video game companies I've ever known. Placing this "Premium Tier" of customer for the kinds of things that we've always gotten from Telltale staff seems...wrong. Information about the making of the games, wallpapers, high-res images...these are things we got as members of the forum. Now there's a reason to hold back information about the game, for this "higher tier" of customer, the ones who have ALREADY bought the game. It's backwards, it's putting a premium on a lot of the staff interaction that was normal for Sam and Max. Why?


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    There is quite a long thread on this topic already.
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    The differentiation is rather clear to me. It's one thing to say you aren't getting enough oranges. It's another thing entirely to say that the vendor is selling the same oranges, but arbitrarily pulling the best of the oranges from the market early to get people to buy them early.

    Why oranges? I'm hungry.
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    Random speculation but...

    Perhaps this has something to do with the deal for LucasArts, and their chance of doing another season is tied to how many preorders they get?

    Hooray for random speculation! <.<

    I don't much care anyway as I wanted to preorder the moment I heard about this, and the preorder stuff is really geeky fan stuff, so those who don't preorder won't really be missing out on much, will they? And the fans are going to preorder regardless.
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    Ahh You make a mildly interesting point but I don't think it's really a big deal.
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    The staff's still replying in the main forum as well, about as much as we ever did (though there is a lot more traffic to deal with on this game!). Looking at the number of threads I've replied to in the main forum... its quite high. I think Telltale's been on the forums interacting with folks more than we did for Strong Bad or W&G even. Having Domininc Armato and other guests drop by to do a Q&A in the special forum, I don't see as something we've taken away, because we've never had something like that before.
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    I do not see anything wrong with the extras... they are fine enough but not enticing enough for me to put down my hard earned money before I can see a demo... I may even wait til the end of the season... or I may just go check it out at a friends house who bought it... Unless its great then I will get a copy.
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    cry more
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    LOL what?.... I was just stating a fact. No reason to get all internet tough guy on me... That being said they could be giving away an art book and a statue and I would still probably wait for a demo...... ok maybe not
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