The Walking Dead: Our Last Moments (Finale)

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The Story of Clementine and Christa's jouney begins in the link below.

This is it. After this, 16 months will finally be over. It's been a great ride, and it's been fun entertaining you guys.

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  • Clementine: ...Eliza?

The daylight's gone, and the moonlight's out. The snow's still falling down. Half of the group is either dead, or damaged. Clementine crouches down and slowly approaches Eliza's unconscious body. She's horrified to see so much physical abuse that's been brought upon her best friend. Is she still alive? Has she been both physically and mentally broken?

As soon as Clementine puts her hand on her shoulder, Eliza immediately regains consciousness, coughing and gasping for air.

  • Clementine: My God.

Eliza starts shrieking, violently waving her arms and slapping Clementine away from her.


Clementine grabs both of Eliza's arms and tries to subdue her.

  • Clementine: Stop!! Eliza, stop!!
  • Eliza: (crying) GET OFF ME!!

Clementine holds Eliza's head and looks into her eyes.

  • Clementine: It's me. It's Clementine. Remember? It's okay.

Once Eliza eventually calms down, Clementine goes in for a hug and holds Eliza close to her.

  • Clementine: I'm so happy I finally found you.
  • Eliza: (still sniffling) I don't feel so good...He...He hurt me. So much...
  • Clementine: I know. It's over. We're getting out of here.
  • Eliza: ...I'm s-so cold.

Remembering she's still wearing Eliza's jacket, Clementine takes it off and lends it to her. She notices her glasses (severely cracked) are right next to her legs. She picks them up.

  • Clementine: Here you go.

Clementine unfolds the glasses and places them on Eliza's face.

  • Eliza: Dammit.
  • Clementine: Can you walk?
  • Eliza: Ngh...Help me.

Clementine stands up and lends her hand out to Eliza. She grabs it, stands herself up, and almost falls down. Clementine catches her. Eliza's starts coughing and moaning.

  • Eliza: Clem...I don't think I can...go on.
  • Clementine: Don't say that! I'm not leaving you!
  • Eliza: But--

Clementine puts her hand over Eliza's mouth. The radio's creating static.

  • Clementine: Shh!

Clementine takes the radio out of her pocket and looks at it.

  • Eliza: Where did you--?
  • Devin: (crackling) H--Hello? Clementine?
  • Clementine: Wait, Devin? Is that you?
  • Devin: (crying) Clem, I'm so sorry. Rachel's safe, but he found me--

Devin's talking is suddenly replaced by the sound of his throat getting sliced, blood leaking on the floor, and finally a thud. What follows after is dead silence.

  • Clementine: Wha...Devin? Devin?!
  • Damien: ...DEAD.

Clementine gasps.

  • Damien: *...I'm coming after you now. *

The static cuts off. Clementine looks down shocked and worried. Eliza's still delirious from her injuries.

  • Eliza: Wha-What happened?

Clementine looks at her confidently.

  • Clementine: Put your coat on. We're getting out of here.


Clementine and Eliza have left the cabin and travelled back to the other to meet back up with Christa. Unfortunately when they get there, they find the cabin has already been found by a group of Damien's men. They hide behind a large log for cover.

There are 3 of them. One of which are waiting outside while the last two, the only one's with firearms, are inside the cabin. Clementine peaks her head over the log to see if Christa is anywhere to be seen. No sign of her. The two men come on out.

  • Man 1: Scarlet's dead. Stabbed right in the fuckin' neck. That black bitch is nowhere to found.
  • Man 2: ...Shit. Fuck!
  • Man 3: So what do we do now?
  • Man 1: What do you mean "what do we do now?" We go back, find Damien, wherever the hell is, and--
  • Man 2: And do what? In case you're too stupid to figure it out by now, he's been shot! You saw all the blood! You BOTH saw it! He's not gonna make it man!
  • Man 1: Yeah? Well, maybe--
  • Man 2: Look just stop! I'm done!

Man 1 intimidatingly walks up to Man 2.

  • Man 1: What do you mean "done?"
  • Man 2: I mean I'm done. I'm fucking done with this whole thing. All the shit we did to these people? ain't right man.
  • Man 1: (chuckles) You gotta be fucking kidding. It's called SURVIVAL! You do what it takes to survive. To fight another day! Jesus, since when did you grow a fuckin' conscience anyways?
  • Man 2: Since Damien made that girl kill her dad. Oh yeah. That's right. You weren't there. You were sitting at the gates with your thumb up your ass all day doing fuck all. Listen, he's a fuckin' psychopath, man. We don't even have to go back. Let's just...let's just go.
  • Man 1: Un-fucking-believable. (to Man 3) What about you? You gonna walk away too?
  • Man 3: (gloomy) He's right. I can't do this anymore. I'm out.

Man 1 looks at the both of them, shocked. He looks down for a bit then looks back up with a grin on his face.

  • Man 1: You know what? FUCK THE BOTH OF YOU.

Man 1 takes out his pistol and guns down the both of his companions. He walks away and proceeds back to Oaktown.

  • Man 1: Fucking assholes.

Clementine immediately ducks her head down and turns her attention to Eliza, who has her hands over her ears. Clementine waits until the sound of the Man's footsteps die out.

  • Clementine: It's okay. He's gone. We can go now.

Clementine helps Eliza back onto her feet and puts her arm around her shoulder. They walk by the cabin and continue walking into the forest. They focus their attention on the path ahead, despite the wind slowly turning stronger. Along the way, Clementine can feel Eliza starting to be able to walk on her own.

  • Clementine: Can you walk?
  • Eliza: ...Yeah. I think so.
  • Clementine: I can let you go?
  • Eliza: Yes. Just, don't go too far. Please. I don't wanna be alone again.
  • Clementine: I'm won't.
  • Eliza: ...Clem? What happened to everyone else? Are they...are they dead too?

They both stop. Clementine turns around to face Eliza.

  • Clementine: Damien...he made Rachel kill Marcus.
  • Eliza: (shocked) What?! Why?!
  • Clementine: (frustrated) It was stupid. I really don't wanna remember it right. We just have to keep going.
  • Eliza: What about Rachel? Where's she?

Clementine remembers when Christa told her Devin went to rescue Rachel. Now that Devin's been murdered, Rachel's safety is starting to get to her head. Before Clementine can give Eliza an answer she hears the sound of a twig snapping. They both gasp.

  • Clementine: Oh no. Eliza?
  • Eliza: What?
  • Clementine: RUN!!

Clementine grabs Eliza's hand and they both start sprinting. 15 seconds of running. Being it hard to see in the dark with only the moonlight there to light the way, Eliza inadvertently trips on a large root next to a tree. Clementine makes some distance between herself and Eliza before she realizes what happened to Eliza.


Clementine quickly rushes back to help Eliza, but once she gets near the tree, an arm comes in and smacks Clementine away from Eliza.

  • Eilza: NO!!

Clementine tries to get up but is pinned down by her attacker, revealed to be Damien. He's leaning his knee down on Clementine's chest, making it very difficult for her to breathe.

  • Damien: You little fucking bitch!!

Damien puts his hands and Clementine's neck and starts choking her. Clementine manages to grab a lone branch, and hits Damien in the face with it. It does almost nothing to get him off, and she's rendered helpless. Damien sudden lets go of Clementine's neck, and takes out a bag. He reaches inside it, and takes out Donald's head. The flesh and skin looks a lot more decayed and rotten. The teeth are still there.

  • Damien: Say hi to Marcus for me.

Clementine watches helplessly as Damien gets ready to kill her.


A gunshot goes off and Damien stops cold. He drops Donald's head near Clementine. Damien falls right onto his back, finally allowing Clementine to breathe. She looks up and sees Eliza holding her gun, fresh smoke coming out of the barrel. Damien removes his mask, trying to get some air. Clementine quickly backs away from him and stands up. Eliza runs in to join her.

  • Eliza: Are you okay?!
  • Clementine: (coughing) I'm fine. Thank you...
  • Eliza: ...He nearly killed you.
  • Damien: (coughing and gasping) Motherfucker...What the fuck--?

Clementine gives Damien a condescending stare. Damien glares back.

  • Damien: Ugh...what? You're just gonna stand there? FINISH IT!!

Clementine looks away from Damien and back to Eliza. Looking at her gun, she notices the slider's been forced back. No more bullets. Clementine notices some walkers coming her way, and turns away from Damien.

  • Clementine: (to Eliza) Let's go.
  • Eliza: (nods) Okay.

Clementine and Eliza continue their walk down the forest. Damien's lies on the ground and helplessly watches them leave him.

  • Clementine: (whispers) Don't look back.

Damien leans up and sees Donald's head still moving on the ground. He looks behind him and sees the walkers getting closer. He starts crawling towards Donald. He reaches out from him and picks up his head. He slowly and gradually gets onto his knees. Losing more and more blood, the walkers grow more aggressive and move faster.

  • Damien: See Hell...Clementine.

After walker starts biting his leg, Damien uses every last bit of his strength to throw Donald's head at the girls. His screaming catches Eliza's attention. She looks back and sees Donald's head about to hit Clementine.

  • Eliza: CLEM, LOOK OUT!!

Eliza tackles Clementine to the ground at the last minute.

  • Clementine: Ugh! What?!

Clementine sits up and sees Donald's head next to her feet. There's fresh blood on it's teeth. She looks ahead and sees Eliza on the ground.

  • Clementine: (gasps) NO!!

Clementine gets up and quickly goes to Eliza. She turns her body towards her to get a better look at her face. Eliza's left cheek has a large mouth-shaped gash with a tooth embedded in it. Clementine looks up and searches the woods.

  • Clementine: CHRISTA!! RACHEL!! SOMEBODY!!! (head down) Anybody..!
  • Eliza: (grunts) You're alright.
  • Clementine: Eliza!!
  • Eliza: It's okay, Clem. It's okay...I'm fine.

Clementine helps Eliza stand up on her feet.

  • Clementine: (tearing) Come on. Let's get out of here.


The night's still up, but it's stopped snowing. Clementine has managed to help Eliza make it to Winter lake. Eliza's skin is starting to lose colour due to the bite. Clementine looks ahead and sees the Winter Lake sign and Christa kneeling down, right underneath it.

  • Clementine: CHRISTA!!

Christa turns her head to look at Clementine, but immediately turns away from her. Once Clementine and Eliza catch up, Clementine eases Eliza safely on the ground. She walks to Christa and sees Junior's corpse in front of her. There's a hole in his forehead that looks like at came from a small knife. Clementine looks at Christa and sees blood stains on her sleeves. To Christa's right is Clementine's backpack.

  • Clementine: You know it's not your fault.
  • Christa: ...
  • Clementine: Christa...Eliza's been...She's--
  • Christa: --Bitten? Well, don't waste time looking it me. You know what to do.
  • Clementine: But...I'm thinking...maybe we something...for them.
  • Christa: ...
  • Clementine: Christa?

Clementine tries to comfort Christa.

  • Christa: (without looking) Get away from me, Clementine.

Clementine, feeling slightly hurt by Christa's words, goes back to Eliza. She's getting weaker each minute, and it's putting a lot of stress on Clementine. Clementine decides to lean Eliza on the pole supporting the sign.

  • Eliza: Wha...What's going...?
  • Clementine: It's alright. I'm just...

Clementine starts choking up before she finally starts sobbing. Eliza reaches out and holds her hand.

  • Eliza: Clem, it's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Clementine holds Eliza's hand firmly while sharing eye contact with her.

  • Clementine: How do you feel?
  • Eliza: ...Clem?
  • Clementine: ...Yeah?
  • Eliza: I'm sorry...for yelling at you...and walking away...with your gun. (chuckles) That wasn't very smart of me, was it?
  • Clementine: ...What?
  • Eliza: It just seemed like...we were both gonna be really happy in that town, you know? And when you said you didn't want to stay...I was upset. It was stupid. I want to be with you in Wellington.
  • Clementine: You can! We can still--You can--
  • Eliza: Clem, stop. I'm not gonna make it. We both know that.
  • Clementine: (sighs)
  • Eliza: I feel so cold...can you..?

Clementine reaches in and keeps Eliza warm with a hug. She feels Eliza returning it.

  • Eliza: I'll say hi to your friend Lee too.

After several minutes, Clementine can feel Eliza's skin getting colder. She backs away and sees her relaxing her shoulders and then her head. She lets out her last breath. Clementine continues crying even harder knowing that Eliza's no longer with her. Christa finally gets up and puts her hand on Clementine's shoulder.

  • Christa: Don't look.

Clementine close her eyes and looks away. She hears the sound of Christa shuffling towards Eliza's body followed by the sound of a pocket knife being flicked out. She then cringes at the wet sound of the knife piercing it's way into the head. Eliza's body falls onto the ground. She slowly opens her eyes and is horrified to see blood coming out of of the forehead. Christa stands up and starts walking away from Clementine.

  • Clementine: Where are you going?
  • Christa: We don't have any shovels. Unless you know what else to do, we're walking to Wellington.

Clementine looks at her backpack and remembers her lighter. She looks to the river.

  • Clementine: We'll have to find a different place to do this.


The sun is finally rising. The skies are pink in contrast with the dark blue from the night. Clementine is carrying Junior's body and Christa's Carrying Eliza's. They're both walking along the lakeside, miles away from Oaktown and even farther from Marcus' cottage. They keep walking until they eventually come across a beach. There's more rocks and pebbles than there is sand, and it's surprisingly not covered in snow.. They lay the bodies down on the ground and walk into the forest.

Afterwards, they come back out with large amounts of wood (chunks of tree trunks, branches. They both lay out the wood on the ground before putting the bodies on top. Clementine reaches into her backpack and takes out her lighter and ignites it. She then takes out Eliza's letter to her mother and lights it on fire. She places it into the wood.

Both Clementine and Christa watch as the flames grow and the bodies darken. The flames get larger and hide the bodies out of sight. Christa puts her hand on Clementine's back to comfort her. Clementine looks back up and sees Christa wiping away a tear.

  • Christa: Let's keep going.




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