The [blank]-Pirate LeChuck!

In the Secret of Monkey Island, we had the Ghost Pirate LeChuck
In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, we had the Zombie Pirate LeChuck
In the Curse of Monkey Island, we had the Demon Pirate LeChuck
In Escape from Monkey Island, we had... uh... what did we have? Charles DeGoulash.

Who will LeChuck be in TMI? Well, they said he turns human. So... is he now the Human Pirate LeChuck? Or just the Pirate LeChuck? Maybe the Evil Pirate LeChuck? The Formerly-Demon Pirate LeChuck?

I liked how there was a new incarnation of LeChuck in each game for the first three, but I guess they ran out of evil mythological beings to turn him into.


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