I actually liked the "Bone" games but it got discontinued (that ticked me off big time). But then it wen´t pretty much downhill from there. Don´t like the "Wallace and Gromit" games at all.

"Sam & Max" was pretty cool but not great. The last game with "Strong bad" was good to.

And today...i found out that Telltale is going to release "Monkey Island" of my favourite game series of all time....WHOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Congrats Telltale on a WINNER! I really really hope that it will great as the original games was. And i really really really really hope that you will make PLENTY of seasons with this game instead of starting a new game series (as you have done over and over again).


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    Ahh, to bad you missed the sign up to beta testing MI6 then.
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