XBLA May see A delay before Ep 2

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Alright, so Microsoft, in it's infinite wisdom, has scheduled another Summer of Arcade. One problem though: It stops other XBLA for six weeks.

Games of Summer Of Arcade w/ Release Dates if known:
'Splosion Man
Shadow Complex
TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-shelled July 22
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 June 29
Monkey Island Special Edition
Trials HD

This means Starting the 22nd or 29th, Six weeks of no other titles should released. The only plus is one of them is Monkey Island.

Also, this is what delayed Episode 1, as it was submitted during Winter of Arcade.


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    Summer of Arcade doesn't stops other titles. Its absolutely normal, when two-three game comes out a week.
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    Monkey Island being placed in with the likes of Marvel VS Capcom and Turtles in Time? That's...pretty epic.

    On the topic of Summer of Arcade, didn't a normal set of Arcade titles come out alongside the Summer ones, or am I mistaken?
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    Last Summer, the only not Summer of Arcade game released during SOA was Fable II Pub Games.
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    More like Summer of Remakes.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. Especially in this case!
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    i thought all that was just anaounced at e3 doesnt that summer of arcade happen again next year and not next month i dont know nor care
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    They do usually release 2 or sometimes 3 games a week on the Arcade, but I think these Summer of Arcade titles have some kind of exclusivity rights for the week, with all the advertising on websites, xbox.com, the live marketplace and the like. So, unless Ep2 releases this week with Battlefield (not looking likely as we haven't heard anything yet), or next week (when Monkey Island is likely to drop, though that hasn't been confirmed either), then we probably won't be seeing Wallace and Gromit 2 until the end of August/beginning of September, as July 22nd starts the Summer of Arcade and sees the release of Turtles in Time (just confirmed).

    BTW, Monkey Island was dropped from Summer of Arcade, but the rest of the titles remain the same. I think that was a typo coming out of E3, and will more than likely be on Live next week to coincide with the PC release.
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