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Something that has struck me as odd is that several reviews seem to describe Smiley as "the stupid one" or "the empty headed one" of the Bone cousins, whereas it never even ocurred to me from playing the games that he may be stupid, just that he sees the world differently to the others and has a different, less pragmatic, set of priorities. Perhaps it's different in the comics. I was wondering what others thought; is Smiley stupid or is this view a gross oversimplifiction and grounds for euthanasia? It would be interesting to see what some of the Telltale people's perspectives on this are as well.


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    Whoa! Almost missed this post...What a shame THAT would have been! Now you must read my diatribe...

    I too have noticed reviewers besmirching Smiley's intelligence. And everytime someone does, it makes me cry. Not literally of course, but deep in my soul. (You're not supposed to cry at work).

    Smiley Bone is not an imbecile! He simply has a much different way of looking at things than most people. He takes things as they come and doesn't let the world get him down. He also doesn't really care what others think about him. He lives in the moment and his moment to moment goal is to enjoy all that life has to offer.

    In fact, we could all stand to learn a lesson from Smiley Bone about just relaxing and enjoying life. Writing lines for Smiley is fun because it gives us an occasion to draw on the joyful, life-embracing side of us. The side of me that wants to outside and lay in the sunshine instead of completing this post. If I was Smiley, I would do just that. But alas I am myself and so will finish this sentence and then go find more work to do. :(
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    Smiley had the funniest line in the first Bone episode.. "It's worth a dollar!" hehe :D
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    Thanks for the reply. It's good to know I didn't just completely misunderstand his character and that I can safely add those reviewers to my "known subhumans" list.
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    I think Smiley is the single least intelligent character ever to appear in a computer game.

    Just kidding. I've just never been on a "known subhumans" list, and it's been a pet project of mine.

    New IQ test: Play Bone. Write down what you think Smiley's IQ is. That is your IQ.
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    New IQ test: Play Bone. Write down what you think Smiley's IQ is. That is your IQ.
    I got 200... is that good?
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    I was lucky enough to read ALL of the Bone series recently, and I got the impression that Smiley was a wise fool character type. Sure, he can be pretty random at times, but occasionally he does have a good idea, and his heart's in the right place.
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