Bone is Awesome!

edited November 2005 in Sam & Max
I for one am a fan of Bone's episodic content model. I watch a lot of TV shows, Battlestar Gallactica, Family Guy, Surface, and other shows, and I look forward to well written episodes each time they air, so I'm willing to wait for something to be done right and also willing to be left hanging a bit in anticipation. Bone is presented in a way that I can play it in stages. and look forward to more installments.

I'm actually an adventure gamer from the late 80's and early 90's. I know games and how they are made have changed a bit, but so have I as a gamer, and how I play games now has changed as well. Being able to play small chunks of the overall Bone story, and having everything polished and fun - I mean no dull moments - is absolutely wotrth the $20 and the wait for the next episode.

Just want to say hats off to the Telltale team for creating a really fun game that I can play with my young daughter, and hopefully it will help me inspire her spirit of discovery and adventure (along with that unique humor) in her that I got from the games I played as a kid. I hope more people hear about Bone and Telltale and give them support so we can get more Bone, Sam & Max, and whatever else is on the horizon from this talented team.
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