Pansies bug? (contains spoilers)

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I think I did everything I have to do with the purple pansies you can obtain from the store woman (i.e. I have obtained the tea bag). However, new pansies keep appearing at the store on the newspaper stand. I can put them in Wallace's neighbor's garden. The pansies that are already there disappear when Wallace places them in the garden. I can continue this forever. Is this a bug?


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    Was this the right forum to post this? I would have expected someone from Telltale to reply to this... :rolleyes:
  • WillWill Telltale Alumni
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    oh, sorry. Generally problems go in the support forum, but since this isn't a serious bug it can probably remain here. I'm pretty sure there was a reason it was designed this way, but at any rate it shouldn't hinder gameplay.
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