Monkey Island Movie - Who would YOU cast?

Hey guys!

I figured out another fun little thing to do while we wait for the first episode. If there ever will be a Monkey Islandmovie, who would you cast as Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck, Voodoo Lady, Stan, Murray etc etc. ?
Just write below something like this.
My Cast:
Guybrush - ?
Elaine - ?
LeChuck - ?
Stan - Jim Carrey
Voodoo Lady - Whoopee Goldberg
Murray - Christopher Lloyd :p
and continue the list


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    I wouldn't do a live movie, but an animated movie would be great:

    Guybrush - Dominic Armato, d'uh! :p
    Elaine - Phyllis Logan (I think an English Elaine is right, but Phyllis Logan's voice sounds better for the part than the CMI one)
    LeChuck - Brian Blessed (he shows his cartoony qualities towards the end of this clip!)
    Stan - Jim Carrey (Great idea, he really fits the role, but i'm not sure if he could resist messing around for half a recording session :p)
    Voodoo Lady - Whoopee Goldberg would do it for me, also.
    Murray - Tim Curry, has to be. (This is practically an advert :p)
    Wally - I reckon they got it right in CMI with Neil Ross
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    Could you picture Robert DeNiro as Haggis? : ) ) )
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    oh oh oh!!! i got the best cast for a live action guybrush! how about the guy who plays the main character in scrubs? :D

    is it me or could he pull off a good guybrush if given the right hair treatment? :)


    came across this comparision that i defiently disagree with.
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    YES. He's getting on a bit, but he's very MI4 Guybrush. All the way through MI4 I was thinking "JD JD JD" :p
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    What about Michael J. Fox? If he dyed his hair, he would kind of look like Guybrush.
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    I have not seen him in anything in years but this recent pic of Macaulay Culkin looks a bit like TTG's Guybrush...

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    Man having Jim Carrey as Stan is a perfect cast. Though Im highly uncertain who to have as Guybrush. Goldbery doesn't really have the girth for the voodoo lady, though I cant really think of any name actors who would do a good job.
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    Irishmile wrote: »
    I have not seen him in anything in years but this recent pic of Macaulay Culkin looks a bit like TTG's Guybrush...


    i kinda always seen guybrush as a more of a weedy- like character not dorky but not manly yet not a push-over. He's such a loveable character in that right. I've never seen him as a smart-ass but yet he isn't a total wimp. I think we can all see a bit of guybrush in all of us.

    I can't really see Culkin capturing that though. Then again i havent seen his adult roles.
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    Yeah me either... but I heard he was really great on broadway... so maybe he could pull it off. He definitely has that wimpy man-child look about him.
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    Guybrush Threepwood - Jon Heder
    Elaine Marley - Leighton Meester
    LeChuck - John Goodman
    Stan - Will Ferrell
    Voodoo Lady - Jill Scott
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    Those actors match perfectly
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    The Secret Of Monkey Island
    Guybrush Threepwood: Owen Wilson
    Elaine Marley: Natalie Portman
    LeChuck: Billy Connally
    Stan: Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Voodoo Lady: Whoopi Goldberg
    Carla The Swordmaster: Halle Berry
    Otis: Will Ferrell
    Meathook: Vin Diesel
    Herman Toothrot: Henry Winkler

    Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge
    Largo LaGrande: Deep Roy
    Captain Dread: Eddie Murphy
    Wally B. Feed: Warwick Davis
    Rapp Scallion: Bob Newhart
    Rum Rogers, Jr.: Bill Murray
    Guybrush's Parents: Liam Neeson and Phyllis Diller

    Curse of Monkey Island
    Murray: Ben Stiller
    Haggis McButton: John Goodman
    Edward Van Helgen: Johnny Depp
    Cutthroat Bill: Kenan Thompson
    Dinghy Dog: Billy Crystal

    Escape From Monkey Island
    Ozzie Mandrill: Geoffry Rush
    Jojo Jr.: Voice of Tom Kenny

    Okay, maybe that was a bit of overkill.
  • TeaTea
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    If it was an animated movie I'd hire all of these guys.

    Stan and Guybrush have the best actors, which is probably why I chose them.
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    this is a very interesting thread, as some of you guys know, that apprently steven speilberg wanted to make a monkey island movie but didnt get the green light, and the guy who hired to do the script for monkey island movie, later went on to do pirates of the carribean

    theres so many choices for guybrush...heres a suggestion and not my final choice, but Matthew Perry as Guybrush Threepwood, now i know some people say that Matthew Perry can only play Matthew Perry, but he could actually pull it off, if you look at these photo from a movie called "Almost heroes", he also has the look:

    and this photo aswell:

    now Elaine Marley, i would consider Kate Beckinsale, not only is she hot, but she has an attitude which Elaine has, if you see this photo from Van Helsing:

    Stan has got to be Jim carrey hands down

    i cant think of any others right now
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    People always seem to choose actors by their looks in threads like these.

    I always think that actors should be credited for how they would perform the role, not how they look while doing it.

    A good actor prides itself on it's ability to play as versatile selection or roles as possible. Though, baring this in mind, it becomes harder to spot the right talent for the character you’re trying to cast because you can’t know what personalities they can portray well when only looking at a limited number of works they’ve performed in.

    Sacha Baron Cohen is probably my favourite actor, right now, for his ability to perform different roles and forget all about the other characters he’s performed.

    But I must admit; for Stan I’d cast Weird Al. I didn’t like the voice actor in ‘Escape', he sounded as if he was trying to impersonate Jim Carey. And while I didn't mind the one from 'Curse' so much I didn't really think much of him, either. But after viewing the stan/hardware store video on youtube I can't help but think how much I'd love to see him in this role. I mean it's more voice than appearance, and I think Al can easily sound like a hyperactive-yet slightly sleazy- salesman. (I know people already suggested him and they probably did so for the same reason, but I can't help but expand on things. Sorry for being long winded).
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    I still think Bruce Campbell is the obvious choice for Stan... But Jim Carry wouldn't be horrible... Heck Jim would even make a decent Guybrush if he was a bit younger.... But he would have to put in an original performance and not a typical Jim Carry performance... He has ditched it before in movies like Man on the Moon, and the number 23... So he can be versatile.
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    "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, and I'm a mighty pirate!"
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    I wanna be a Mother *#$%*! Pirate!

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    Rather Dashing and Irishmile win joint first place in Post of the Year.
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    Wow! Those are some really cool suggestions! Especially for Stan!
    Hmmm, about voodoo lady... what do you think of Wanda Sykes? I think she can pull it off! And she has the great humor to go with it!

    Hmmm, Do you see Christopher Lloyd as Herman Toothrot, or is it just me?
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    Hey all! New to the forums... I saw this thread and got intrigued. So here's my two cents worth on casting for my dream live action Monkey Island movie. For Guybrush, Michael J. Fox during his Back to the Future years would be awesome! But if i were to pick from the crop of stars nowadays, I'd pick Shia LaBeouf or Michael Cera. I think both these actors have good comedic timing that fits Guybrush's style. Now, for Elaine, I'd pick Kate Beckinsale... but she would be too old for my picks for Guybrush, wouldn't she? Oh well... i can't think of anyone else right now. Hehe. As for LeChuck, his ghost pirate version that is, I think he should be CGI and just get Earl Boen to do his voice! and special mention, Robin Williams as Herman Toothrot.:D What do you guys think? go easy on the new comer, eh?
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    Robin Williams as Herman - pure gold! Never would've thought of that! Welcome to the forums, by the way. :D
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    Robin Williams as Herman - pure gold! Never would've thought of that! Welcome to the forums, by the way. :D

    Thanks!:D Btw, Jim Carrey as Stan! that's been around for ages!:D
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    I have been watching alot of 6 feet under lately, Ben Foster can play a wimpy character well and he is a good actor.
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    "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, and I'm a mighty pirate!"

    I lolled :D
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    oooh I would cast myself as Elaine :D obviously....... :)
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    Manon_Sa wrote: »
    oooh I would cast myself as Elaine :D obviously....... :)

    Do you look like her?
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    Haha no not really :) And I can't really act but it was a nice thought :P
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    this just popped into my head just now. The Men of Low Moral Fiber could be cameos from Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Will Ferrel.:)
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    Guybrush - Ben Foster was a good choice and interesting one. I could also see Ryan Gosling do it too.

    Elaine - Kate Beckinsale

    LeChuck - Geoffrey Rush

    Herman - Robin Williams

    Carla - Halle Berry

    Otis - I could see Johnny Depp in this role basically cause he can transform himself into anybody.

    Storekeeper - Al Pacino ("Whadya Want?") In the Special Edition version when he says whadya want it reminded me of Al in Scent of a Woman.

    Captain Smirk - Val Kilmer, Christopher Titus (okay that was a joke) But I could see it somewhat.

    Voodoo Lady - Whoopi Goldberg

    Stan - Vince Vaughn (Jim Carrey can't be Stan, I would want to kill Jim Carrey. That character is so annoying)

    The Lookout - Val Kilmer
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    Gryffalio wrote: »

    Brian Blessed as LeChuck. That would be funny. :D
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    I think I'd have:

    Johnny Depp as Guybrush
    Kiera Knightly as Elaine
    Orlando Bloom as Wally
    Jonathan Pryce as Herman Toothrot
    Lee Arenberg and Mackenzie Crook as Bob and Murray, respectively
    Kevin McNally as Haggis McMutton
    Naomie Harris as the Voodoo lady
    Geoffrey Rush as Ozzie Mandrel
    Jack Davenport as The Sheriff
    And of course, Keith Richards as Stan

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    The men of low moral fibre?


    That was easy :)

    Karl can be the one who always gets hit on the head :P

    EDIT: watch if you're unfamiliar with the wonder that is, Karl Pilkington
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    Brian Blessed would be perfect as LeChuck. :)
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    David Spade has my vote for Guybrush.
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    Timothy Spall as Griswold Goodsoup! Yeah, I know I didn't give an actual list, but I'm simply not too creative. ... Yet.

    I also love the idea of Brian Blessed as LeChuck. I mean, he has the beard!
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    Michael Cera as Guybrush?
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    Character actor and funny guy Fred Williard would make a perfect Stan:

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    The caddy from Happy Gilmore is a great match for playing Guybrush. Jared Van Snellenberg
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