Content ID'd?

Soooo, I started A Sam & Max season one play through the other day for my channel, and the first and third videos in the series (From The day before yesterday and today, respectively.) both received content IDs from a "TellTaleGames". I question the legitimacy of it, because for one, "TellTaleGames" is now how this company writes it's own name, to the best of my knowledge. Second, both claims are for seemingly random points in the videos.

is the first one, and the claim is for the 9:12 mark.

is the second, and the claim ifs for the 5:00 mark.

Follow up question: Not related to Sam & Max, but would I run into issues from Universal Studios if I did a Back to the Future: The Game Let's Play? I have all the episodes from way back when after I'd first started playing Steam games and my idea for a channel was about four years away from even being a thing, and I'd love to replay them and record it this time. It's my favorite movie series, bar none, and I found the games to be ... how should I say it... flawed perfection? I dunno. I loved them, and want to record them. Is it possible, or am I just gonna have to be sad?


  • Yeah, why the hell are they bitching about certain times in the videos? Don't they own the whole damn thing?

  • I don't think Telltale would mind. There has been a recent problem of people making false copyright claims on footage of Telltale's games in the past. Unfortunately, I don't think Telltale can help you directly so your best course of action might be to contact YouTube's support. :/

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