Did any of you figure out potential tells?

I looked through a few pages of topics but didn't find anything on that subject. I apologize if that's something that has been discussed to death already.

I thought that Ash taps his finger when he is bluffing for example, and I did indeed catch him bluffing a few times, but then he had a few wins with his tapping.. Damn.. And what about the other characters? Any tells? I mean, they all have their idiosyncrasies that could be tells, but I can't discern wether they only do it when they bluff. It never came to a conclusive finish of the games where I could actually see the cards to be able to know for sure.


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    Basically if they do some kind of animation that is rare, it's likely a tell. Some tells are bluffs and not reliable. Also if your hand sucks, they can still win even if their hand is bad.

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