Unplayable without qwerty?

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I just wanted to try out the Episode 1 demo. But having a dvorak keyboardlayout the game seems unplayable, since the wsad keys distributed all over my keyboard. Why is there no way to customize controls, respectively why didn't you map the keys via position on the keyboard instead of using there character's meanings (I've played quite some games which did like that).
Anyways, since I prefer to have my walk keys on the right side of the keyboard (yes, I'm lefthanded), customizable controls would be much preferable over the second solution...


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    I never use WASD, I always use the arrow keys.
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    Being lefthanded, I can sympathize. However I just tried W&G - for the first time, in the middle of S&M - to test and see to discover you can use the four "arrow" keys, the ^ > < v if that helps.
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    You can also try the numpad. A full listing of the different control configurations for the game can be found here.
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    Oh thanks, that helps a lot :)
    When the ingame message said "use wasd" I didn't even try the cursor keys anymore...
    Anyways, customizable controls should be standard nowadays.
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