Will you add PayPal support?

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I just read on GameSpot about what I feared the most but knew was gonna happen: DIGITAL DISTRUBUTION! It's not just that I won't have an original CD and manual and stuff because in the end, it's the game that counts, right? It's just that I won't be able to buy the game if you don't add PayPal support. I'm too young for a creditcard and I don't know anyone that has one. Here in the Netherlands you can't pay anywhere with a creditcard for as far as I know so not many people have them. If you don't wanna add PayPal because you think you'll make enough money with just the creditcard option, at least put a poll on the site or something to see how many people want PayPal. If not, I'll just hope I can get it free (illegally) someday. :( And if you decide to add PayPal it would really help if you accept unverified members cuz if I need to be verified I STILL need a creditcard. :|


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    Hi DemonFox,

    Yes, I'm happy to say that we will be adding paypal support, among a slew of other international payment options.

    You'll be able to buy the day the game releases!

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    That's good to hear. I'll buy Telltale Texas Hold'em too to support you guys! ;)
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